20 thoughts on “"انتحار في الصالون"

  1. yaser says:

    it depends on whether you are online and thinking of some deep post to write or just smoking for pleasure ….
    both are suicidal btw

  2. 3bdulsalam says:

    الصورة ذكرتني بسهرات أيام زمااان وقيام الليل بلعب الشدة

    بس الصراحة المنفضة كانت تصير هيك بفضل جهود مجموعة من الحشاشين . . لكن ع البركة انت شيخة الكار على ما يبدو :)

    لفت نظري شيء غريب على عقب السجائر( مارلبورو) ألست من جماعة المقاطعة وتريدين مقاطعة ميكروسوفت أيضا!!

    • Anarchist Queer says:

      أهلا أخي عيد السلام,
      الصورة لم تؤخذ من قبلي, لقد وضعت رابطاً لصاحب الصورة في أسفلها.
      لقد قاطعت مالبورو خلال حرب تموز.

  3. 3aber sabeel says:

    Hello Razan
    I like your blog and I think that you are full of energy, I have one advise, try to concentrate on the subject you think is very important to you on the level you want.
    Your blog is getting busy with too many issues and you are kind of fighting everything and everyone at the same time (political, social, religions..) you can not do that and succeed, nobody can, you need to concentrate on one subject and be great in it instead of keep fighting and wasting your energy on too many fronts.
    make your point and make it clear and loud, don’t make your busy site to take over you.
    Anyway, I just thought to advise you on this issue and be sure that I’m writing that out of care.
    Thank you and good luck

    • Anarchist Queer says:

      شكراً لتعليقك وأشكر حسن نواياك,
      الأنارشيّة هي فلسفة تحارب أيّ نظام سلطويّ
      وهذه المدوّنة هي مدوّنة شخصيّة لفتاة أنارشيّة تحارب أي نظام
      فمن الطبيعي أن تجد مواضيع كثيرة لكن إن تمعّنت جيّداً ترى أنّها كلّها تتمحور حول فكرة محاربة أيّة سلطة, إن كانت فكريّة, اجتماعيّة أم سياسيّة

    • Anarchist Queer says:

      لم يحين الوقت البعد لأترك الدخان, إنّها سنتي الأولى للدخان, لست مدخّنة قديمة
      ولن يكون صعباً عليّ تركه حالما أنتهي من كتابة الأطروحة

  4. 3bdulsalam says:

    محاربة أي سلطة

    ألا يجعلك هذا في حالة حرب دائمة ؟
    بمعنى آخر كلما قضيتي على سلطة ستوجد سلطة جديدة وانت أصللا مسيرة بسلطة تحثك على محاربة السلطة وبالتالي ستدخلين حلقة مفرغة

    وهي مغالطة منطقية مرفوضة ولا تفضي الى شيء

    مع التحية

    • Anarchist Queer says:

      أفضّل على أن أكون في حرب دائمة مع السلطة الاجتماعية والدينية والاقتصادية والسياسية على أن أكون مكتفة الأيدي

      شكراً على تعليقك

  5. 3aber sabeel says:

    Thank you for the reply,
    My friend Razan, محاربة أيّة سلطة is different than محاربة أيّ نظام سلطويّ
    Just concentrate on which system/regime/front/taboo you want to be the hero of.
    It is a good thing to keep fighting, the point is to have ONE goal where you can claim a success, dying in the battle wont bring you or anybody you defend any rights.
    Nobody in the world can fight on all fronts because no human is that perfect or strong.
    If I ask you to chose one front which one would you go for and please don’t tell me all three, I’m looking for one. and try to explain why.
    Thank you

    • Anarchist Queer says:

      By “telling” me how to run MY blog you’re exceeding your limits, your advice was clearly made and I was kind enough to reply, that being said, either you show up here and discuss my posts or as long as you’re coming and continue telling me how to run this blog I won’t be replying to your comments anymore.

  6. 3aber sabeel says:

    Hi, I think you misunderstood my point, I’m not criticizing or telling you or anybody how to run their blogs, I’m enjoying the whole revolution of the great young Syrians who are doing what you are doing and I’m for whatever make you a better generation than us.
    My point was simply to encourage you to become stronger and tackle the main issue you think that you have the great passion about instead of loosing your energy on couple issues whiteout winning any, that’s all.
    I sincerely wish you the best of luck in anything you decide and your win will be for all the young Syrians.

  7. 3aber sabeel says:

    something else, yes, you were kind enough to reply, however, it’s the duty of the host to explain his points and share his ideas out of courage and passion not out of courtesy.
    Thank you

    • Anarchist Queer says:

      I don’t mind being criticized, in fact, I’d love to hear feedback on how I tackle issues I tackle on this blog than to be told how I should run this blog, and I think you are doing so by telling me to focus on one topic.

      The idea is simple, justice is what I am passionate about, hence I write on any form of injustice which I believe it has to do with the concentration of authority.
      If you look at any single injustice in history, you would find that they are based on inequality of powers.
      So topics like the occupation of Palestine and gender inequalities to name a few, are only the result of authoritarian international relations or authoritarian social structure.

  8. 3aber sabeel says:

    In that case your first answer you gave me wasn’t fully clear and this is my point.
    Be to the point and be very clear:
    You are fighting the ‘SYSTEM’ on all those levels for ‘JUSTICE’. So ‘JUSTIC’ for all is your ultimate goal.
    In that case, what are you doing regarding that?
    Are you reacting to the unjust you see or are you acting to force it by any means you have?
    What are the tools and specialties you’ve got to tackle this?
    How can you influence others to do what you are doing?
    What is the thing making you different than any other person talking about justice?
    This is what I wanted you to look at and question so you can get to where you want to be, Have a goal (you already do) have a vision (how do you imagine your world to be) Go for it.
    I won’t bug you anymore, I just wanted to encourage you to be different, mean it, and become a success.
    Have a great weekend.

    • Anarchist Queer says:

      Thanks for the encouragement.
      I think your questions are not answerable.
      The mere existance of an anti-Zionist Jew is in itself a statement that she/he does not conform to the Zionist narrative that “Israel” is the land of Jews.
      She might not do anything or affect nothing, but the more Jews speak up against Zionism is in itself a counter movement.
      Same here in my case, this blog is a bunch of statements I hold on many topics and cases, I may or may not affect anything and that’s certainly not my objective from running this blog. But I do think that the very existence of these statements show that there is someone in Syria thinking this way. That’s pretty much it.

  9. Batoul says:

    nice photography and photo editing..
    I recently lost a family friend because of smoking so I have to agree with your mother. Be well! :)

    • Anarchist Queer says:

      Thank you dear :) I am planning on quitting smoking once I finish writing my thesis, it only got worse when I am feeling stressed out while writing it.
      As for the photography, thank you, it’s one of the things I do that relaxes me, and I don’t edit them, I take and shot and upload it onto Flickr :)

  10. Hanzala says:

    great photo!!that’s what i say to myself when i smoke!but this picture somehow makes me more eager to smoke!! wierd!
    btw did you know that cigarettes contain rat poison, tire material, and other disgusting stuff..yet we don’t listen!
    gr8 blog btw!


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