So You’re Worried About Us?

Look into Halfaya martyrs’ eyes and dare to tell me you’re worried about “Islamists” in Syria. Dare to tell me, you piece of shit, that you’re worried about “FSA human rights violations,” worried about “civil war,” about Qatar and KSA, and that’s why you won’t support people’s revolution.

So you’re worried. I see. That explains a lot. Of course.

Newsflash: the minute you have forsaken the people of Syria, the Syrian people have also forsaken you and what you worry about habibi: you and your civilization don’t exist in our time and space. It’s over, you and I aren’t fellow human beings anymore.

13 thoughts on “So You’re Worried About Us?

  1. Beno Klee says:

    I have the same feelings towards my left friends with their estranged conspiracy theories…how can I ever be friends with them again ? With my family, who just live, as if everything is fine, and just think about their next holidays to Turkey, just a few minutes away from the manslaughter, don’t dear to talk about Syria, with the silent Moroccan mega-community in Belgium, who tell me that the burqa ban is a greater threat than Al-Assad, with the press, who just talk about Syria when a car bomb explodes, etc… But, still, somehow I will have to continue with them…But I don’t know where to start from…

  2. Anders Ljungberg says:

    what I think they mean is that just because assad is a monster so do not need someone else to be the same as he is
    Torture and abuse are always terrible no matter who does it
    one can show by actions that we are better than the tyrant

  3. Falafel says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    To those who are scared of the emergence of “Islamist rebels” in Syria. On side note, everybody try to find the first opportunity to label us, the arab people, as terrorists; as no one dares to say that what is practiced by Assad gangs is PURE TERRORISM! Let’s trade shoes, I dare you not to do the same as we did.

  4. blazineagle says:

    I am so sorry for all the suffering and death that should not be happening. The US government does not speak for all Americans we want them to do more, we need to all let them know-don’t stand by and watch innocent people die! Don’t forget Rwanda! Help Syria now!

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