Syrian Laborers in Lebanon

This is something that will not be mentioned in the media of March 14 or in the media of the opposition because both could care less about the plight of Syrian workers in Lebanon. Today, Hariri militia men in the North stopped a bus carrying Syrian workers and shot at them.

The liberation of Beirut

Let me come out clean from the start, those men who flushed out the Future movement and surrounded Jumblatt are clean men, strong men and, I feel, the most honourable men in the region. Within 24 hours the Nissan Pathfinders had scoured Beirut clean, clipped Jumblatt’s wings and left the “Quartet” nations, Israel and most of the ‘civilised’ world outraged – again. Good, let them be livid. It was not outrageous for them to fund and arm these thugs they called moderates, certainly not outrageous for them to fuel sectarian violence throughout the Middle East to facilitate their occupation, but it is outrageous for them that their puppets should be so effectively stamped out. This doesn’t mean it’s all over though, far from it.

Qunfuz comments:

And look how they did it – a minimum of violence. No executions on the streets, handing positions over to the Lebanese army. That’s the ‘terrorists.’ And the response of the ‘moderate democrats’? Today they’ve murdered Syrian workers for being Syriam. Junblatt’s people have kidnapped and executed Hizbullah men ‘with knives’. Hooray for pro-Western moderation.

Most truthful quote of the day comes from the former head of Mossad: 3 years work by Western and Arab intelligence services in Beirut has been wiped out in one night.

Lebanese X Files

On the assassination of top resistance commander martyr Imad Moghnieh, Zeevi revealed that a “Lebanese side had provided ‘Israel’ with the picture of Moghnieh showing his real face. Only one person knew who (Hajj Radwan) was. He is a Lebanese leader whose security body was trained by Moghnieh.”
When the reporter asked: Is he Jumblatt?
Zeevi said: No comment.”

Failed Lebanese Attempt to Disarm Resistance

Israel and the U.S. first wanted to disarm Hezbollah through U.N. Resolution 1559 politically, with support from western-backed forces in Lebanon. Once this strategy failed the U.S. and Israel tried to disarm Hezbollah by force in 2006 through an invasion. In a sense it was the U.S. that invaded Lebanon in 2006. This attempt to disarm Hezbollah failed due to the Lebanese resistance. Now again the same forces are attempting to disarm Hezbollah, however through a different strategy, using different titles, this time the focus is on the telecommunications network of Hezbollah in Lebanon a critical element to Hezbollah’s arms.

The fruit of victory?

The army command has just announced it is reinstating Wafiq Shuqair as the head of airport security and will investigate Hizbullah’s communications network ‘without harming the resistance’, asking for the withdrawal of all armed men and the reopening of the streets. So some serious negotiating has been going on behind the scenes today, and it looks like Hizbullah’s two main demands have been met. The militias have aleady left Hamra and presumably more if not all of the Hizbullah-occupied areas. Siniora, in his speech, had announced (like Hariri before him on thursday) that the contagious government decisions would be placed in the hands of the army command. After a bout of macho drivel about how they were not impressed by Hizbullah’s arms and would never give in to their demands, he did just that, proposing a five-point reconciliation plan which called for the immediate election of a consensus president (which would be Suleiman), the formation of a national unity government in which ‘the opposition can not block decisions and the majority can not impose them’ (I’m still trying to work out how exactly that differs from a blocking veto for the opposition), the referral of the above-mentioned decisions to the army command and the immediate withdrawal of all militias from the streets. All this may sound to good to be true, as it resolves a lot of the contentious issues of the last year and a half in one fell swoop. But seeing as the armed men have already been evacuating their positions, we ccan only assume that the opposition has agreed to the proposals, which pretty much give them everything they want anyway.