Love, War and Revolution

He sent me a letter just now. Telling me that a rocket fell on a demonstration he was participating in. Few protesters were injured. He wrote that he was scared. That his heart almost fell out of his chest.

“I love you, in case something happened to me, or God forbid, in case something happened to you,” is how he ended his message.

I had told him that I want us to be together. Because life is short now, it’s too short and I don’t want us to fight over the nothingness of normality. New nothingness has emerged, the nothingness of war and we can fight it. We can fight it with us being together, despite our fights and differences.

We couldn’t. We couldn’t coexist as lovers in cities living normal conditions. We couldn’t coexist in cities under regime occupation. Reality and its structure was too loud on our lives. It designs our “civil” priorities. It structures our “in-dependency.”

Our bond coexists wildly in war time, in revolutionary atmosphere.

Who says which reality is the “healthier” to figure out if we’re meant or not for each other? I can’t answer this question.

All I know is that the shelling becomes lighter with him next to me. The MiG sound in the sky is bearable, with him in my life.

It’s true. Love does defeat it all. Emergency changes your priorities up side down.

I want to be human again. And love is the answer.