One thought on “Front Line Defenders: Interview

  1. Tamara Al-Om says:

    Dear Razan,

    I am writing with an interest in interviewing you for an article I am writing on Women in the Syrian Revolution. Your participation is fascinating to me and I believe you can contribute richly to my analysis. The article will be part of an upcoming book entitled “Routledge Handbook of the Arab Spring: Rethinking Democratization” which is being edited by Dr. Larbi Sadiki and which will also feature a chapter by Dr. Raymond Hinnebusch.

    I am currently undertaking my doctoral research at the University of Exeter on Syria’s Intelligentsia. You can review some of my work on my website Thoughts on the Middle East, Politics and the Media.

    If you are interested in participating please get in touch with me as soon as is convenient to you.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Kindest regards,

    Tamara Al-Om

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