I was born in the US but never lived there. My parents went to KSA where we lived for 10 years in Jaddah. Then they went back to Syria.

Taken in Syria 2013 by Ibrahim Al-Assil.

Taken in Syria 2013 by Ibrahim Al-Assil.

I graduated from English literature department at Damascus University, then  went to Lebanon to do my MA in Comparative Literature from Balamand University.


This blog is a dear part of who I am, perhaps the best attempt I tried thus far to express myself in this world.

You can contact me at razan.ghazzawi [aaaaaaaaat]gmail [dooooot] com.

33 thoughts on “About

  1. Ibrahim Slemani says:

    Hi ,

    I’m Ibrahim from Jordan . I do suppres from that thinks u wrote in this bage of this site , or may be not but do care for Arab young do things should anothr give them the care .

    thanks , if u want I’ll happy if recive message of u

  2. fadi says:

    Fadi, your comment has been deleted because it implied subtle flirting. If you’re looking for women this is not the place for you.

  3. Alejandro Berganza says:

    I just read the terrible news that you have been arrested again!. Please, count on our solidarity from Guatemala. Bloggers from all over the world struggling for similar causes stand by you! Dont’t fear! We are eagerly waiting to know about concrete means to help you.

  4. benina says:

    good interview on ‘the current’ in canada…on 24Feb 2011 it snowed in Benghazi, Libya which was peculiar so I think snow is a good luck sign! I wish you well

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  6. zoreket says:

    power to ya!
    I support your cause and and sympathize with your views.
    Israel should be recognized as an apartheid state nurturing a deeply racist culture.
    (from Israel)

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