"Curing" Lesbians by Raping Them

An article published on the Guardian on Thursday 12 March reveals that one of the leading football female players has been raped and stabbed 25 times for being a Lesbian:

The partially clothed body of Eudy Simelane, former star of South Africa’s acclaimed Banyana Banyana national female football squad, was found in a creek in a park in Kwa Thema, on the outskirts of Johannesburg. Simelane had been gang-raped and brutally beaten before being stabbed 25 times in the face, chest and legs. As well as being one of South Africa’s best-known female footballers, Simelane was a voracious equality rights campaigner and one of the first women to live openly as a lesbian in Kwa Thema… Human rights campaigners say it is characterised by what they call “corrective rape” committed by men behind the guise of trying to “cure” lesbians of their sexual orientation.

It is important to see that precisely because she’s open as a Lesbian and activist that she was subjected to this “corrective” criminal reaction in her society. Like in Lebanon, where gays and Lesbians have their NGOs, bars and night clubs mostly in Beirut and some are openly activists for their rights that we heard of  two gay couple had been subjected to similar criminal reaction only this time by those who were supposed to protect the law.

Societies will never change if things kept in the secret, if things remain within the “political correct” constructed formula. While it is very difficult to be open as a gay person, it is very important to do so in order for societies to process this radical change in its structure even if by doing so you’ll be under serious attack.

In Syria there has been a sexual abuse by Shahabandar police station where police officers were harassing and mocking a transsexual person, male body with female sexual organs. They took off his clothes and touched him sexually and took pictures and videos of him. This harassment has been documented and videoed via cellphone that was distributed all over Damascus via bluetooth. My father who works in the Shahabandar area told me that the shops’ owners neighboring the police station heard a female voice shouting for help from within the station and hence they all went there to stop what they assumed to be a rape taking place. When the shop owners found out that the female voice was actually coming from a male voice with a female sexual organs they all disappeared and left the person alone facing abuse by the police just because he is neither a woman, nor a man, hence not a human being with equal rights that abusing him wouldn’t be exactly as abusing a woman, or man. Wondering if these incidents will ever take place in the Syrian streets, hmm..

There is something about these so called “protectors of law” and LGTB community. It is not a secret that the Tripoli police officers in Lebanon made arresting gays a hobby for them. No wonder why Anarchists hate the police so much ;-)

we are what we protect

Indeed this line is precisely right.

Take the occupation of Palestine for instance, many people blog and voice their support for Palestinians’ rights, but their very support stems from different reasons. Some defend Palestine for they see it as an Arab country, and since they define themselves as Arabs they feel that their duty is to support an Arab country against a foreign one. Those are not my friends.

Some defend Palestine for the sake of Islam, for the majority of Palestinians are Muslims and Muslims around the world feel that they should support their brothers and sisters in faith against another faith.Those are not my friends either.

Some see occupation per se, injustice, apartheid and crimes against humanity. Those do not defend nobody they relate to, those rely on no ideology or faith system to formulate their “political” stances, those oppose injustice whatever it might be on whomever it might be. Those are my family.

Hence we find the latest group blog opposing any form of injustice, be it by Zionist occupation, by capitalism, imperialism, be it by patriarchy, by homophobics, by racism against immigrants and foreign workers, you name it.

They do not “defend” certain people or oppose others, they oppose flawed thoughts that paved the way for the emergence of racists, sexists and criminals we see today and we do see tsome of them among the first two pro-Palestinian groups I presented above.

It’s not a virtue by itself to blog for Palestine really, and I do not relate to every pro-Palestinian blogger, not to every pro-LGTBQ rights blogger either, for while one might be blogging for the liberation of a certain people she might be blogging also for the marginalizing of others, and for that, its not the object one’s fighting for that interests me, but the process she’s following to reach that object. This very process, is what makes of you and me.

Justice is the only virtue I believe in. What you protect is indeed what you are.

Names and Photos of Israeli War Criminals in Gaza

Via Kawther Salam

I have decided to publish some names and photos of the Israeli military personnel who participated in the so-called “Operation Cast war-criminals_barak_eisenbergLead”, the offensive launched by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on the Gaza Strip between 27 December and 18 January 2009. The names of these criminals called my attention since the first day of their criminal attack against the Palestinian civilians in Gaza. I consider each person who took part in this IOF and each one whose name appears in this report as a war criminal who should be requested by an international court of justice, just like all other war criminals who were persecuted before…

My decision is a challenge to the State of Israel, to the Israeli attorney general brig-gen-jonathan-lockerhead-of-iaf1Mazuz and the military headquarters, who forbade the media from publishing the names of the Israeli officers who lead “Operation Cast Lead” in Gaza, murdering 1310, and wounding over 5600, over 90% of these casualties being civilians, destroying public and the private property in many parts of towns and cities, and completely razing several areas completely to the ground.

The Israeli Attorney General Menachem Mazuz is conniving with others the war crimes committed in Gaza. These others are Ehud Colonel Ron Ashrov.jpgBarak, Ehud Olmert and his cabinet of criminals, and the military counterpart, Brigadier General Avihai Mandelblit. Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi is equally involved in the war crimes in Gaza. The Attorney General of Israel asked his military counterpart to open a quick investigation among the military as an “alternative” measure to hinder potentially “hundreds” of international lawsuits against Israeli officials alleging war crimes against the Gaza population during the operation has been widely anticipated. There is growing concern in the offices of the Israeli justice and war ministries because they expect a massive wave of lawsuits for human rights violations against Israeli officers and politicians.

Colonel Hartzi Halevi – Paratroops Brigade Commander1The criminal intentions of Menechem Mazuz, namely helping to cover up war crimes of the State of Israel by giving an advice to the military, and by opening a “formal and internal investigations” is a clear fraud planned by the Israeli ministry of justice. Such a behavior is not that of a state, it is the behavior of a criminal organization trying to escape their well deserved punishment.

The military censor of Israel is preventing the media from identifying officers who participated in the Gaza Strip IOF, and divulging information about them which could be used in legal proceedings against them in courts of justice abroad. There is great concern at the defense and the justice ministries that Israeli officers will be singled out in a massive wave of suits for human rights violations.

Eyal Eisenberg2.jpgIn recent days the censor has forbidden publishing the full names and photographs of officers from the level of battalion commander down. It is assumed that the identity of brigade commanders has already been made known. The censor also forbids any reports tying a particular officer of battlefield command rank (lieutenant to lieutenant colonel) to destruction inflicted in a particular area.

The Israeli war criminal number one, Ehud Barak, stated that the State of Israel bears the responsibility for sending IOF troops on missions in Gaza, as well as for defending civilians, and as such it is obligated to grant its full support to these officers and soldiers who participated in the IOF in Gaza. Barak said that no harm should come to officers and soldiers as a result of their Commander of the 401st Brigade Colonel Yigal Slovikinvolvement in the operation.

The war criminal Barak ordered the IOF to set up a team of intelligence and legal experts to collect evidence related to operations in Gaza that could be used to defend military commanders against future lawsuits abroad.

Here are Some Names of the Israeli War Criminals who Operated in Gaza

Brig Gen Jonathan Locker, head of Israeli air forces which operated in Gaza.

maj-gen-ido-nehushtan-approved-as-new-iaf-commanderMaj. Gen. Ido Nehushtan, a war criminal, Commander of Israeli air forces which lead all the operation of destruction with tons of phosphorus bombs.

Colonel Ron Ashrov, a war criminal, Commander of the Northern Gaza, deputy to the Givati Brigade.

Brigadier-General Eyal Eisenberg – Commander of all the IOF war criminal forces of “Operation Cast Lead” were under his command in Gaza Division. He personally participated in the war. He commanded the operations, in which Armored and Engineering corps units, as well as infantry soldiers were taking part. Eisenberg also commanded a division during the Second Lebanon War.

colonel-yigal-slovikColonel Yigal Slovik, commander of 401st Armored Corps Brigade convoy, entered Gaza in a Merkava tank from Netzarim and he did not stop until it reached the coast. He murdered the Palestinian civilians who raised the white flags, and he destroyed many houses over the head of the people. The brigade units also conducted numerous raids targeting public infrastructure.

destruction-commander-in-gaza-warSho’alay Marom, Brigadier (res.)
, razed to the ground hundreds of houses in Rafah, and in Jabalia.

Lt. Col. Yoav Mordechai, he served as a commander of the criminal Golani infantry brigade’s 13th Battalion in Gaza and in the “second Lebanon war”. He attacked the Tel al-Hawa neighborhood, where hundreds of Palestinian residents who had fled on foot were murdered under his instructions. In one well-known incident, about more 150 Palestinian civilians were gathered by the IOF in a house, and then the house was bombed and shelled. Lt. Col. Yoav Mordechai is a friend of the PA, and it is known that he coordinated his crimes with the PA.

Lt. Col. Oren Cohen, a war criminal, commander of Battalion 13 in the Golani Brigade, who led on night his troops into eastern of Gaza City, they murdered over hundred Palestinian. He was moderately wounded by the Israeli war criminal friends. Cohen and his soldiers operated during the second Lebanon war.

Lt. Col. Avi Blot, a war criminal, commander of the 101st Battalion in the Paratrooper Brigade.

Lieutenant-Colonel Yehuda Cohen, battalion commander in Givati infantry Brigade’s Rotem Regiment, a war criminal in the second war in Lebanon, and a war criminal in Gaza.

Lieutenant-Colonel Ronen Dagmi
, deputy commander of the 401st Armored Brigade which operated in “Operation Cast Lead” in Gaza.

Col. Avi Peled.jpgCol. Avi Peled, a war criminal, a commander brigade in Battalion 51 who operated in Gaza during “Operation Cast Lead”, and he was operated during the second war of Lebanon.

Brig.-Gen. ( res.) Zvika Fogel, a war criminal, a former deputy OC Southern Command in charge of artillery fire for Operation Cast Lead. Zvika and his son Zivi Fogel participated in “Operation Cast Lead” in Gaza.
Brigadier-General Yuval Halamish, Chief IOF Intelligence Officer, participated in “Operation Cast Lead” in Gaza.

Paratrooper Brigade commander, Hartzi Halevi, during an IDF operation in Gaza..jpegCol. Hertzi Halevy, brigade commander, a former Sayeret Matkal, commander of the Israel Paratroopers’ Brigade in Gaza, committed war crimes in Gaza during “Operation Cast Lead”.

Col. Tomer Tsiter, a Givati squad commander from Ra’anana, participated in the massacre in Gaza during “Operation Cast Lead”, and previously he participated in the massacre “Operation Defensive Shield” in the Jenin refugee camp in 2002.

Gur Rosenblatt, infantry reserve officer, participated in “Operation Cast Lead” in Gaza.

Guy Ohaion, infantry reserve officer, participated in “Operation Cast Lead” in Gaza.

Lt. Col. Erez, armored corps, tank commander, participated in “Operation Cast Lead” in Gaza.

Maj. Nimrod Aloni, participated in “Operation Cast Lead” in Gaza.

Lieutenant Colonel (res.) Shlomo Saban, participated in “Operation Cast Lead” in Gaza.

Capt. Ron Vardi, a war criminal, participated in “Operation Cast Lead” in Gaza.

Col. Pnina Sharvit-Baruch, head of the International Law Department, Military Advocate General’s Office, Israel criminal “Defence” Forces. Sharvit-Baruch legitimized the war crimes operation “Cast Lead” in Gaza. She justified the killing of Palestinian civilians including hundreds of children.

col-pnina-sharvit-baruchUnder Sharvit-Baruch’s command, IDF legal experts legitimized strikes and the collective murders in Gaza, she said to the IDF war criminals during the operation “Cast Lead” in Gaza go-ahead. Sharvit-Baruch and her division believed that the killing of Palestinian civilians in a house whose residents the IDF has warned might be considered legally justified, although the IDF does not actually target civilians in this way. According to a senior official in the international law division, “Our goal is not to tie down the army, but to give it the tools to win in a way that is legal.”

Col. Pnina Sharvit-Baruch, reviewed the international law pertaining to urban warfare. She argued several times, that from a strictly legal point of view Israel was entitled to use artillery against targets in Palestinian urban areas. “If they are launching rockets against us from built-up areas, or building bombs in the basements of apartment buildings, we are within our rights to shell these areas in response,” said Sharvit during a Conference on Urban Warfare in the Territories

Ashkinazi_terrorist_1Lieutenant-General Gabi Ashkenazi, IOF Chief of Staff, whose father was a holocaust survivor from Bulgaria and whose mother was born in Syria. This moral degenerate is the engineer of this new  holocaust in Gaza. He committed war crimes in south of Lebanon. Three of his soldiers were captured by the Hizbullah resistance after they illegally crossed into Lebanon as a provocation ordered by him.

Commander of the Shoalay Marom Brigade_destroying Gaza houses.JPGMajor-General Yoav Galant, southern command chief. He was the chief commander in charge of “Operation Cast Lead”. He personally participated in the massacre against civilians in Gaza.

Richard Awizrat, Senior Warrant Officer, participated in “Operation Cast Lead” in Gaza, and he also participated in the massacre in Jenin of 2002, during “Operation Defensive Shield”.

Major-General Amos YadlinMajor General Amos Yadlin, Military Intelligence chief, participated in “Operation Cast Lead” in Gaza.

War Criminals Preparation Team

Yuval Diskin, Shin Bet security service chief, the organizer of the war in Gaza. Due to his personal recommendation, the IAF bombed the hospitals and the medical centers of Gaza.

Ehud Olmert, the corrupt Israeli Prime Minster legitimized the War in Gaza together with his cabinet.

Ehud Barak, Israeli War Minister, planned “Operation Cast Lead” in Gaza in order to improve his chances during the next elections.

Tzipi Livni, Foreign Minister of Israel, who leads the Israeli propaganda to legitimize the massacre and destruction in Gaza, planned and coordinated “Operation Cast Lead” in Gaza in order to improve her chances during the next elections

Yuval Diskin.jpgThe names of many other war criminals from the infantry, tanks, combat engineers, artillery, and intelligence who participated in the war crimes in Gaza are still unknown. They should not feel safe either. War crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide are proscribed and prosecuted in all countries of the world in one way or other, and there exists no statute of limitations for such crimes. The “protection” offered by Mazuz and his cronies is weak, first of all because the fact that such “protection” is offered is a implicit admission of guilt, and because national and international statutes specifically address the issue of sham “proceedings which are instituted to protect the guilty”, and because since the Nuremberg proceedings against the German army, following orders is no excuse and does not absolve of culpability. We and others will continue doing whatever is possible to find out the names of as many of the criminals who participated in Gaza as possible, and any information which will put them behind bars.

Read and See more Photos About the Israeli War Criminals here.

Soldiers Beat Up Gay Men at Sassine Square, Achrafieh, Beirut

You wouldn’t find this on local “free” and “open” Lebanese channels, stations and newspapers. If you’re better than the worst, doesnt make you good really.

It is worth to note that being a homosexual is against the law in all Ayrab countries. Lebanese gay and lesbian communities are very active communities in Beirut, and essential ones.

Some of the Lebanese homoexuals were hyper members of Nahr el Bared relief campaign, opposing the terrorist Lebanese Army bombing a civic establishment of Nahr el Bared.

Some of them were as well the co-founders of Samedoun movement defying “Israeli” terrorist war on Lebanon.

These two men were not beaten up and arrested because they were having a sexual intercourse in public, they were beaten and criminalized because of their very nature, because of their very identity: they were homosexuals.

This law of criminalizing homosexuals as such should be abolished. Homosexuals ARE human beings and anyone who treat them less is the one who should be criminalized.

Grumpy Citizen
Barbaric homophobia, Sassine Square
Anne-Marie el-Hage entry

The Lebanese gay community is angry, so are the human rights associations. They are outraged by the medieval practices of authorities when dealing with homosexuals who openly came out of the closet.

The incident, reported by Alef, association for human rights, took place last Thursday evening, when two gay men, reckless and unconscious, were making love in the lobby of an uninhabited building in Sassine Sqaure, Achrafieh, assuming they were safe.

Discovering the two men in action, the Lebanese army soldiers stationed in the district to submit a real public beating. Nothing was strong enough, punching, kicking, rifle butts, insults, humiliation. One of them, half naked, was exhibited to the public of bystanders, just for the fun of it.

Deaf to the pleas of the two men that were caught red handed, the soldiers were doing it with great joy. The whole neighborhood was in the street, attracted by the scene. Any customer of any coffee of the corner nearby. Both men were bloodied, but this did not diminish the determination or the savagery of the soldiers, those newly delegated to preserve public morality.

Fortunately, voices of condemnation among the crowd, taking pity at the sight, put an end to the beating. Both homosexuals were arrested, in spite of the supplications of one of the men fearing for his reputation, married man with family, with a certain reputation.

Held all night by troops, the men were transferred yesterday to the barracks of Hobeiche, by the order of Attorney General. A place known not to be particularly kind to prisoners.

Certainly, the case will be camouflaged. A beautiful Lebanese custom to avoid putting the finger on the wound. The wound in question is the barbaric and unacceptable reaction of the soldiers facing the display of homosexuality.

The men had sinful, of recklessness and even inattention. But is that a valid excuse to beat them and treat them like this? Was it necessary to bring down the whole neighborhood and humiliate them? Is it right to point them out as gangsters?

It is time for lawmakers to reconsider these laws, which are obsolete, ridiculous and from a totally different era, a law which still condemns homosexuality in Lebanon. At a time when gay marriage is permitted in many countries, the authorities continue to hypocritically deny the simplest expression of a reality that they do not understand. But they will have to face it sooner or later.

To Americans: Re-evaluate Aid to Israel, Vote NOW!

Reevaluate whether the level of and the basis for the aid we provide Israel is appropriate given our tough economic circumstance. Presently I fail to see the benefits to our country that would justify the extraordinarily high per-capita level of aid.

A comment posted by Willbearsmom:

I weep that my tax dollars are being spent to support the state-sanctioned murder of children.  Israel has literally penned these people in a giant prison from which there is no escape and is bombing them.  Half the population of Gaza is children.  The result of this invasion is both monstrous and inevitable.  We can no longer pretend to be on the side of right when we blindly support a nation who has used a legitimate security threat as an excuse to force a group of people into an Apartheid situation and then treating them like the objects of a grotesque canned hunt.  There can be no excuse for bombing mosques and schools.  If you saw a gunman firing at you from near a school, would you destroy it with a rocket, knowing you would kill dozens of children?  What kind of monsters make the choice to bomb the school?

This is what happens when the United States commits atrocities and loses the right of moral leadership.  We all need to stand up and admit that our government has been wrong, that this incursion by Israel is wrong, that this must be stopped.

Also vote here:

A Change in US Policy Toward Israel and Palestine

A Change in our Policy towards Israel

Stop supplying Israel with weapons

Place real economic pressure on Israel to stop the growth of settlements in the West Bank

Engage strongly for Israeli-Palestinian peace.

Israel must be judged at the International Criminal Court – Universal petition

Israël doit être jugé par la Cour pénale internationale – Pétition universelle

Israel debe ser juzgado por la Corte Penal Internacional – Petición universal

Israel must be judged at the International Criminal Court – Universal petition

Israel muß vor dem Internationalen Strafgerichtshof verurteilt werden-universale Petition

Israel deve ser julgado pelo Tribunal Penal Internacional – Petição universal

Israele deve essere giudicato dalla CPI – Petizione universale

Israel ha de ser jutjat per la Cort Penal Internacional – Petició universal

تعين أن تحاكم اسرائيل في المحكمة الجنائية الدولية – عريضة عالمية

Israel måste dömas av den internationella brottsmålsdomstolen-Universell namninsamling

اسراییل باید در دادگاه جنایی بین‌المللی محاکمه شود

Το Ισραήλ πρέπει να δικαστεί από το Διεθνές Ποίνικό ΔικαστήριοΠαγκόσμια αίτηση

Israelul trebuie să fie judecat de către Curtea Penală Internațională – Petiție universală/


עצומה אוניברסלית: על ישראל להישפט בפני בית המשפט הדין הבינלאומי

Israël moet berecht worden voor het Internationaal Strafhof – Universele petitie

Uluslararası Ceza Mahkemesinde İsrail yargılanmalıdır- Evrensel İmza Kampanyası