#KolenaLaila: From a Radical Feminist to a Liberal: You Suck

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Ever since my “teenage-hood” days, I followed the assumption that befriending writers, filmmakers, sculptures and those who’re interested in arts and revolutionary books are necessarily people with free minds, and hence, are people who won’t disrespect me as a female or the way I chose to live my life. I was not only wrong, I was also simplistic.

Today, large number of these people who used to be my friends have become/are becoming my enemies, for they, as the masses, they begin their sentences with the same line a lot of sexist people do: “A woman should/shouldn’t be/do bla bla bla….”.

First I want to give you examples of how liberal women and men prove to be sexists as they’re trying to be free from “conservative” values. Some of these people consider themselves feminists, progressives, thinkers, and activists, pro women and LGTBQ rights.

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Hamas is Family

You know, Hamas might not like me, HezbAlla might not like me either, and maybe some Palestinians might not like me too, hell, some leftits, Anarchists and LFTBQs dont like me at all for supporting “islamic” groups, but who says that I should be liked by the people I support? I support resistance, period. I support people’s right to self-determination, period. If Arab leaders and Arab armies have done their duty and lauched a war on the Zionist state we wouldnt have seen alternative armies like those of Hamas and Hezbolla in the first place. If we have seen the Arab countries supporting Hamas and Hezbolla we wouldnt have seen Iran doing it. I am not threatened by Islam, Muslims, or Islamic militarilty groups, I am threatened by Zionism, by occupation and by apartheid. If you can’t get that, I don’t think you cant get anything about our region.

We Won't Take No for an Answer: "Israeli" War Criminals Wanted NOW

Public asked for information on travel plans and whereabouts of top Israeli leaders

By Redress Information & Analysis

26 January 2009

An international human rights organization has submitted evidence to the International Criminal Court for the arrest of top Israeli leaders for war crimes in Gaza and has called for information about the travel plans and whereabouts outside Israel of the suspects.

A human rights organization has called for the arrest of a number of senior Israeli leaders for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The International Coalition against Impunity (HOKOK), a non-governmental organization registered with the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, has submitted a “Letter of Notification and Referral” to the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court outlining the case for the arrest of 15 Israeli political and military leaders for crimes committed in Gaza in violation of the Rome Statute and the Fourth Geneva Convention.

It has also issued an international appeal for information about the undermentioned war crimes suspects. Members of the public in Israel and throughout the world who have information about the travel plans or whereabouts of the undermentioned suspects when they are outside Israel should report this immediately to:

The Prosecutor

P.O. Box 19519

2500 Hague


Fax +31 70 515 8 555


The Israeli war crimes suspects are:

  1. Ehud Barak
  2. Amir Peretz
  3. Binyamin Ben Eliezer
  4. Avi Dichter
  5. Carmi Gillon
  6. Dan Halutz
  7. Doron Almog
  8. Ehud Olmert
  9. Eliezer Shkedy
  10. Gabi Ashkenazi
  11. Giora Eiland
  12. Matan Vilnai
  13. Moshie Bogie Yaalon
  14. Shaul Mofaz
  15. Tzipi Livni

A summary of the evidence against the above-mentioned war crimes suspects can be found in the document below, which is also available in Hebrew.

Evidence for the arrest of 15 top Israeli leaders can be found here.

This document is also available here.

Israel must be judged at the International Criminal Court – Universal petition

Israël doit être jugé par la Cour pénale internationale – Pétition universelle

Israel debe ser juzgado por la Corte Penal Internacional – Petición universal

Israel must be judged at the International Criminal Court – Universal petition

Israel muß vor dem Internationalen Strafgerichtshof verurteilt werden-universale Petition

Israel deve ser julgado pelo Tribunal Penal Internacional – Petição universal

Israele deve essere giudicato dalla CPI – Petizione universale

Israel ha de ser jutjat per la Cort Penal Internacional – Petició universal

تعين أن تحاكم اسرائيل في المحكمة الجنائية الدولية – عريضة عالمية

Israel måste dömas av den internationella brottsmålsdomstolen-Universell namninsamling

اسراییل باید در دادگاه جنایی بین‌المللی محاکمه شود

Το Ισραήλ πρέπει να δικαστεί από το Διεθνές Ποίνικό ΔικαστήριοΠαγκόσμια αίτηση

Israelul trebuie să fie judecat de către Curtea Penală Internațională – Petiție universală/


עצומה אוניברסלית: על ישראל להישפט בפני בית המשפט הדין הבינלאומי

Israël moet berecht worden voor het Internationaal Strafhof – Universele petitie

Uluslararası Ceza Mahkemesinde İsrail yargılanmalıdır- Evrensel İmza Kampanyası

The Great Hero and Martyr Khalid Islambouli

From Zionist Wikipedia which some consider as a “resource” in their blogging and some link to it in some “alternative” media outlets:


Khalid Islambouli continues to serve as an inspirational symbol for Islamist movements throughout the world, including terrorist groups. On July 31, 2004 “The al-Islambouli Brigades of al-Qaeda” claimed responsibility for an assassination attempt on Shaukat Aziz, then a candidate for the post of Prime Minister of Pakistan. On August 24, 2004 a Chechen group calling itself “The al-Islambouli Brigades” issued a statement claiming responsibility for the bombing of two Russian passenger aircraft.[1][7]

Actually, dear fucked up Wikipedia, Khaled Islambouli continues to be an inspirational symbol for all of us, Leftists, Socialists, Anarchists, LGTBQs, women and men. This linkage between such amazing people and Islamic groups like Hezbolla and Hamas, and Islamatized American-funded groups as Al Qaeda will only reflect your pathetic western racism towards the regional people’s self-determination and disapproval of leaders like Sadat.

Leaders who support occupation and cooperate in murdering people and assassinating resistance leaders will be down someday, very soon I hope, in fact, only then I might consider celebrating a true New Year.

Gaza will never be down, not with such great and amazing everlasting resistance.