After Two Years Behind Bars Syrian State Security Court Sentences A Syrian Blogger Three Years For "Spreading False News"

This is simply outrageous and heartbreakening. I cannot imagine what his parents feel right now. He was arrested when he was 29 and now he will be released when he’s 34. and for what? for not giving the Syrian intelligence the names of people who spoke against the Syrian government in the forum he administrates. Yes, that’s Kareem Arbaji, Kareem is being sentenced because he is defending his friends, he is being sentenced as a punishment, because he defied not the “persona” of the government, but the very “system” of intelligentsia in Syria, where people got accustomed, out of fear and due to torture, to turning each other in to the government. Kareem did nothing “wrong” and said nothing “wrong”, but he paid two years for his “non-Syrian” principles, and now he is paying three more. This is unforgivable, they send children to Europe when they get raped, how you like them now grownups? hypocrite.

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The Great Hero and Martyr Khalid Islambouli

From Zionist Wikipedia which some consider as a “resource” in their blogging and some link to it in some “alternative” media outlets:


Khalid Islambouli continues to serve as an inspirational symbol for Islamist movements throughout the world, including terrorist groups. On July 31, 2004 “The al-Islambouli Brigades of al-Qaeda” claimed responsibility for an assassination attempt on Shaukat Aziz, then a candidate for the post of Prime Minister of Pakistan. On August 24, 2004 a Chechen group calling itself “The al-Islambouli Brigades” issued a statement claiming responsibility for the bombing of two Russian passenger aircraft.[1][7]

Actually, dear fucked up Wikipedia, Khaled Islambouli continues to be an inspirational symbol for all of us, Leftists, Socialists, Anarchists, LGTBQs, women and men. This linkage between such amazing people and Islamic groups like Hezbolla and Hamas, and Islamatized American-funded groups as Al Qaeda will only reflect your pathetic western racism towards the regional people’s self-determination and disapproval of leaders like Sadat.

Leaders who support occupation and cooperate in murdering people and assassinating resistance leaders will be down someday, very soon I hope, in fact, only then I might consider celebrating a true New Year.

Gaza will never be down, not with such great and amazing everlasting resistance.