Its a shame that I don’t find Tamim Barghuthi’s signature in this list.

wadistocracy واديقراطية

UPDATE: There are credible reports that many of the supposed signatories to this document never saw it and had no knowledge that their names were being used. I respectfully request that anyone who has republished this translation take appropriate measures to inform their readers.

A collective Palestinian statement
To apply for membership in the Syrian Writers Union and in solidarity with the Syrian people

It is our honor, as Palestinian writers and signatories to this statement, to request as a group to be inducted into the Syrian Writers Union, which has been recently established by the free Syrian writers and intellectuals who stand with the people as they climb the ladder of freedom which has been smeared with blood by the hand of the tyrant. The establishment of the Syrian Writers Union constitutes an essential pillar of the Syrian revolution and places the true intellectual in his or her rightful…

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أنا مندسة وعميلة وجاسوسة وتحركني الأياد الخارجية…لكنني صديقتك (via zaina-erhaim)

أعترف بأنني مندّسة في قضايا وطني وأهلي وكل مايعنينا ويؤثر على حياتنا…وعميلة للحرية والإنسانية والحقوق والعدالة …كما أنني جاسوسة أعمل لصالح السوريين النبلاء الذين دخلوا السجون لرأي قالوه أو مقال كتبوه …أو لأنهم وقفوا أمام وزارة ليدعموا الوطنيين الأحرار في المعتقلات فضُمّوا إليهم بتهمة "النيل من هيبة الأمة" و"إضعاف الشعور القومي"..وهل تنزعج الأمة عندما يصرخ أبناؤها "سلمية" ولا تتأثر عندما يضرب آخرون الرصاص ويطلقون العنان لزماميرهم للاحتفال "ب … Read More

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Would You Be My Palestine?

We can buy Almaza and get to your uncle’s place while he’s having his Argileh with his friends outdoors.

We can buy some of the Armenian nuts you like.

We can sit next to each other on the Sofa.

We can get nervous.

We can allow silence to be so loud.

This is it.

We can turn Valentine into a sacred sin.

Would you break the law with me?

We can wait till we finish our first bottle.

We can forget about your tomorrow and mine.

You can let me start right here and now.

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Katyusha in My House

Katyushas have been through a lot. They used to live in peace before certain kinds of human beings decided they want to invade their lands. Suddenly, a new reality was imposed on them. They chose to fight and not to give in. It’s both, a human and animal instinct, to fight and not to give in-(well till modernism came and told indigenous species that they should fight the foreigner  “peacefully”).

But Katyushas came up with primitive yet creative tactics to survive and protect themselves and their families from the occupiers. They sticked together, and fought back. They tried to survive in a system that does not acknowledge their right to be on their lands, that this land is no longer theirs.

Many Katyushas died as they were fighting the enemy and the system. We call them martyrs.

I found  one of those Katyushas the other night in the street, he is tiny but strong. I brought him home where our bougie cat, Klio, was trying for the past seven days to stick his penis in Katyusha’s ass. Katyushas as fighters, don’t let no bougie or other, to abuse them. Katyusha knew how to fight back and teach bougie cats the difference between a fighter and a conformist. Klio never stopped trying. Katyusha’s battle with the system isn’t over yet, and he knows it’s a long way for liberation, and it won’t be nice.

Katyushas instinctively learned how to resist because only them experienced the oppressive system. and only them know how to defy it.

Katyusha in my house, and I am totally OK with it. hoping another form of Katyusha finds its way to my home soon.

Meet Katyusha

Thanks to @ysalahi, a fellow blogger for suggesting the name Katyusha

Helem replies to Massad: We are not agents of the West

Ghassan Makarem founding member and current Executive Director of Helem replied to Joseph Massad’s interview conducted with him by Reset Doc website. Here’s an extract of the interview:

The real problem with Massad’s interview is the lies, fabrications, and insinuations of being agents of the West against the people in Helem. This is an opinion we have heard many times from Salafists and chauvinists. The contention that homosexuals are agents of the West, that they are “imposing Western values”, and that they belong to the upper classes was also used by Khomeini before rounding up homosexuals and executing them. It is the same justification given to call for the arrest of HIV positive persons in Egypt and elsewhere and to pass a viciously homophobic law in Uganda.

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