Would You Be My Palestine?

We can buy Almaza and get to your uncle’s place while he’s having his Argileh with his friends outdoors.

We can buy some of the Armenian nuts you like.

We can sit next to each other on the Sofa.

We can get nervous.

We can allow silence to be so loud.

This is it.

We can turn Valentine into a sacred sin.

Would you break the law with me?

We can wait till we finish our first bottle.

We can forget about your tomorrow and mine.

You can let me start right here and now.

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#KolenaLaila: From a Radical Feminist to a Liberal: You Suck

Source Belief Net

Ever since my “teenage-hood” days, I followed the assumption that befriending writers, filmmakers, sculptures and those who’re interested in arts and revolutionary books are necessarily people with free minds, and hence, are people who won’t disrespect me as a female or the way I chose to live my life. I was not only wrong, I was also simplistic.

Today, large number of these people who used to be my friends have become/are becoming my enemies, for they, as the masses, they begin their sentences with the same line a lot of sexist people do: “A woman should/shouldn’t be/do bla bla bla….”.

First I want to give you examples of how liberal women and men prove to be sexists as they’re trying to be free from “conservative” values. Some of these people consider themselves feminists, progressives, thinkers, and activists, pro women and LGTBQ rights.

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"Curing" Lesbians by Raping Them

An article published on the Guardian on Thursday 12 March reveals that one of the leading football female players has been raped and stabbed 25 times for being a Lesbian:

The partially clothed body of Eudy Simelane, former star of South Africa’s acclaimed Banyana Banyana national female football squad, was found in a creek in a park in Kwa Thema, on the outskirts of Johannesburg. Simelane had been gang-raped and brutally beaten before being stabbed 25 times in the face, chest and legs. As well as being one of South Africa’s best-known female footballers, Simelane was a voracious equality rights campaigner and one of the first women to live openly as a lesbian in Kwa Thema… Human rights campaigners say it is characterised by what they call “corrective rape” committed by men behind the guise of trying to “cure” lesbians of their sexual orientation.

It is important to see that precisely because she’s open as a Lesbian and activist that she was subjected to this “corrective” criminal reaction in her society. Like in Lebanon, where gays and Lesbians have their NGOs, bars and night clubs mostly in Beirut and some are openly activists for their rights that we heard of  two gay couple had been subjected to similar criminal reaction only this time by those who were supposed to protect the law.

Societies will never change if things kept in the secret, if things remain within the “political correct” constructed formula. While it is very difficult to be open as a gay person, it is very important to do so in order for societies to process this radical change in its structure even if by doing so you’ll be under serious attack.

In Syria there has been a sexual abuse by Shahabandar police station where police officers were harassing and mocking a transsexual person, male body with female sexual organs. They took off his clothes and touched him sexually and took pictures and videos of him. This harassment has been documented and videoed via cellphone that was distributed all over Damascus via bluetooth. My father who works in the Shahabandar area told me that the shops’ owners neighboring the police station heard a female voice shouting for help from within the station and hence they all went there to stop what they assumed to be a rape taking place. When the shop owners found out that the female voice was actually coming from a male voice with a female sexual organs they all disappeared and left the person alone facing abuse by the police just because he is neither a woman, nor a man, hence not a human being with equal rights that abusing him wouldn’t be exactly as abusing a woman, or man. Wondering if these incidents will ever take place in the Syrian streets, hmm..

There is something about these so called “protectors of law” and LGTB community. It is not a secret that the Tripoli police officers in Lebanon made arresting gays a hobby for them. No wonder why Anarchists hate the police so much ;-)

The Feminist Collective Project Launched!

I am proud of these inspiring Lebanese women who’ve put some great efforts to make this project happen. I’ve met some of the founders of this project in Beirut the past year, they’re good people and I have high hopes for this project.

One thing I dont like about their website, however, is that it’s mostly in English, and English is just not our region’s language and we cannot make a change adopting other people’s languages. After all, language is about communication, even though I think it’s much more than that, but I do not believe that any change could happen addressing the English-speaking people when they’re are, perhaps, more familiar with feminism. Unlike a blog, a project that has goals to achieve in a certain region needs to address the regional people in their very language. God knows that the very reason that I am hated by some Syrian bloggers who write in Arabic for my posts on LGTB were written in Arabic, not in English.

In other words, it’s easier to write in English about a topic that is far from familiar to the Arab world. Not to say that I think the west supports LGTB rights, I mean, in the west, they’re all about “free talking”.

But I am sure they’ll be working on this issue in the near future. Anyways, back to my sisters over here, check their core of values:

– Domestic migrant workers are employees and should have all the rights of employment, starting with respect and equality.

– We have a responsibilty to be smart consumers since what we buy and where we buy from are political as well as personal choices that effect us all.

Here is a list of things they believe that need to be changed:

– We are supposed to be smart and educated, but only to a certain extent.

– We are supposed to go out into the world, but only if we are chaperoned by a male family member.

– Throughout our lives, we have to prove that we are good daughters and then good wives and then mothers.

– We are supposed to want to be wives and mothers.

– We are all supposed to be strictly heterosexual.

– We are expected to look desirable but not act on our desires.

– We are expected to look good but not too good because then we’d be looking for attention, harassment, and even rape.

– Our family is supposed to be our protector, but a huge number of us are abused, physically and/or orally, inside our homes, by members of our families, and there are no laws to protect us from familial violence.

– In a country where more than half of the population are women, we have only 6 women parliament members, and only one minister is a woman.

– We are required to go from our parents’ house straight to our husband’s house.

– We’re not really Lebanese citizens, we’re just the daughters of Lebanese men. Because if we really did possess a Lebanese citizenship, we’d be able to pass our nationality to our husbands and children; but we can’t.

– And even though we are supposed to be equal in the eyes of the law, we are far, very far from being equal to men.

Their take on the argument that treats Arab feminist movements as westernized and imported:

Feminism is not an imported idea. Every time a woman stands up and refuses to be abused and exploited, every time she speaks up against her abusers, every time a woman believes in her capabilities and pursues her needs and ambitions, every time she resists being a victim or an object or an inferior being, she is being a feminist. And we don’t need any Western movement to teach us that — we’ve been doing it all along! And even though some of you may not call yourself a feminist, we’re sure you’ve been doing it too.


And finally, on Women’s international day, they’re going to hit the streets of Beirut,  check their event on Facebook, their posts on their website, in EN and here in AR.

Media Coverage of the Sit-in against Violence towards LGTBs

I received this message from Helem‘s group on Facebook:

“First gay protest in Beirut” YouTube VIDEO

“Big media coverage of the Anti-violence sit-in” Helem News


“Out in force” Now Lebanon

Peaceful Rally in Beirut for Gay Rights Monthly Review


“Rassemblement pacifique à Beyrouth pour le droit à l’homosexualité” L’Orient Le Jour

“Liban: Helem manifeste pour le droits des minorités homosexuelles” Libnan News

“Manifestation contre la violence dimanche” I Loubnan


“Libano: Omosessuali Manifestano Contro Abusi Polizia” L’Unita – Italy
Links for the above articles were retreived from Raynbow Media Monitor – The Lebanese LGBT Article Link Bank
Updated frequently.

Photos published here are taken from the Lebanese newspaper, Al Akhbar.

fed up with consumerism

so whenever i check the “blog states” section in my blog dashboard, i scroll down to “search views” to see what people type in search engines before they find my blog, and these are the results for today and yesterday:

Search Engine Terms

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me hoping that “razan sex” is a reference to Razan Moghrabi, not me.

i dont understand, if taboos on sex would only make people as pathetic, why have them in the first place?

sex becomes the consumerisation of beings.

seriously, when we talk about sex, aren’t we taking about womyn? and when we’re talking about sex, aren’t we talking about products? so womyn are products for sex?

traditional marriages -favored by societies-treat womyn as barbies whether they’re veiled or not.

polygamy is practiced by men to get laid than to support “disadvantaged womyn.”

sex is becoming postmodern-people’s obsession, with or without religion, hijab is about sex, fashion is about sex, songs and soup series are about sex, and this is not a Freudian whatever i am talking about, it’s consumerism, it’s the authorial system that is capitalist, that treats beings as products, men “have stronger desires” and really need to get laid, womyn’s bodies to be sold (legally or illegally) and animals to be slaughtered, this is not feminism or self-victimization crap. this is me feding up with systems.

this reminds me of the apologetic argument for sexist harassment: “well men harass womyn cause they can’t talk to them in daily life, that’s why they use these ways (as in touch her body and talk dirty to her) to get closer to them”. ah walla? so men put sexist walls on womyn’s lives and movement, to be “men”, then go harass womyn when they apply these manly rules?
he wants her “polite” and “honorable” in order to be a “womun” first so that he can marry her “clean”, virgin, and when she is, and the poor thing doesnt have money to marry her, he harasses her cause “politeness” and “honor” apparently means he can’t talk to her normally. what mostly bothers me about this is when people argue for this shit.

why can’t womyn dress normally?

i mean some people would follow whatever system and whatever rules, to make their lives difficult, and the society’s as well for the sake of “our history and traditions” and “our religion” whatever these might be.

oh, and they say that the “west” is corrupted. now the latest word on the street is that, no, this is not “us”, this is what the “west” made of “us.” we’re perfectly fine that is.

seriously, life is too stupid to be lived.