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I’ll keep on updating this post.

I’ve been wanting to write about the strike in Egypt, but i think Egyptian bloggers and activists are doing an astounding work covering instantly what’s going on, so i thought linking to them would be an authentic support since i’m not there to have a say about all this, and i am overloaded with the infos that i am not sure if i have a certain reading to write it here, perhaps later on.

To follow up the instant update to the strike in Egypt, please visit these links:


6 April

Tadamon Masr



Tollab Mukawama

Manal and Alaa

and Hisham Mubarak’s site.

Also this blog, Life Thinking, not sure if it is Egyptian though. update: it is Egyptian.

from Lebanon: Sursock and the Leftist Assembly for Change.

and Global Voices Online-Egypt, Amira and Eman have been doing a great job.


Egyptian Facebookers are doing a good job grouping Egyptians to support the Mahalla strikers, several groups have been created to support the strikers. and now there are already voices calling for the preparation to another strike on the 4th. of May.

Another event is calling to boycott the Egyptian newspapers from 11 to 18th. of April.


Follow the updates on twitter as well to your cell-phone:


2-James Buck.

3-7araka masriya.

4-Nora Younis.


Egypt’s sons and daughters.

James Buck.






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