I just want to give you an idea about those reporters who keep calling the take over of Amal in Beirut as “occupation”. There is an Italian journalist here with us in Hamra who is “reporting” what’s happening in Beirut to her agency in Italy and she is saying that although she hates Future guys and Ja’ja’ yet she is sympathizing with them against “HezbAlla’s occupation”. So I asked her what “occupation” is to her and this is her answer:

This is a Sunni area [Hamra] and when Shiaa take over Sunni area or any other non Sunni area it means they are occupying them. But when Shiaa take over Shiaa area it isn’t occupation anymore.

This is the logic that produces the news spread all over the media.

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  1. Fadi says:

    its occupation what do you call it then,if we agree or disagree with the future movement people,What Hizbulla and Amal are doing is like occupation,all the time I used to say about hizbulla resistance now they are terrorist meletia is the Lebanese people Isralian?

  2. Fadi says:

    the Goverment is elected in a dimocratic way,the Democrcy that Hizbullah doesnt understand it
    Guys I hope that the Israilian Enemy will not bomb Hizbullah in these year or even after this year,because they will find no body to help them or to give them a secure place,unfortunatly hizbullah has started to be a terrorist Meletia

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