6 thoughts on “Syrian Laborers in Lebanon

  1. Joseph says:

    Dear Razan

    I am sorry for the death of these Syrian labourers and find this act as despicable and outrageous as you do.I hope those behind it are found and put on trial.

    But I am also shocked to hear that you are in support of the ‘clean liberation of Beirut’. What was clean about it? The 34 deaths so far and counting? the hatred? The sectarian tension? The burning buildings? The silenced media outlets? the traumatised children?The worried mothers? or the looming civil war?

    Who gives anyone the right to clean Beirut of other Lebanese? We are entitled to diverging opinions and to disagree with any political view. There was a Lebanon before Hassan Nasrallah and there will be one after him and depsite him.And I would also like to add despite him.

    With all due respect, the best thing our Syrian neighbours could do at the moment is either refrain from adding fuel to the fire or shut up.

    And by the way does the great Syrian regime care much for labourers, whether they are in Syria or in Lebanon?
    And if you do not wish to answer this I will understand you do live in a dictatorship after all.

    I apologise for the tone but your biased and judgmental attitude stikes of arrogance.

  2. Razan says:

    Dear Joseph,
    I agree that the title “Liberation of Beirut” is provocative and i am not sure why i havent changed it. I hear everything you said and i truly understand you. and to be honest with you, i am not doing a good job writing notes and linking to other blogs supporting HezbAlla. In my notes I am not addressing regional residents but rather foreigners. I decided today that i wont be linking to blogs or writing short notes, i am really confused here and things are changing rapidly. There are things happening on the ground that are not said on the media and they’re have been messing with my mind for the past three days.
    i will write my view on all this and perhaps you can understand where i come from.


  3. Joseph says:

    My apologies Razan

    I thought you had written the original post. I should have guessed it was Wassim. This guy bathes in a sea of ignorance and hatred. I am glad to hear that your views are more mitigated.

    This is more than ever a time for dialogue and triumphalism is out of place. If anything because this is unfortunately only the beginning.

  4. Jnoubiyeh says:

    To Joseph, and we can thank the US-backed, corrupted and unconstitutional government of Lebanon, especially Samir Geagea, Saad Hariri and Saniora, the Zionist agents, for deliberately provoking this crisis when they’ve wanted to shut down Hezbollah’s private communications network.

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