Global Voices Summit 08- Off to Hungary!

i am packing right now. i am going to meet a taxi driver at 1:30, my plane leaves beirut at 4:10 AM, it has been 15 years since i last been on a plane, i am nervous and i think i am going to be pretty stupid during this trip, i ask a lot of questions. i am hoping that my Canon A-1 is there to make me alive! plus, i am going to meet some amazing smart people; Yazan, Amira and Sami. i dont know the rest, but duh, they’re on Global Voices, so they must be something else like moi ;-)

i am going to speak for 10 minutes about the internet censorship in our beloved Syria, 10 minutes? hmmmmmmmm, i’ll try, really hard, to cover something.

yalla try to miss me when i am gone.

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4 thoughts on “Global Voices Summit 08- Off to Hungary!

  1. Arima says:

    I have to say it….I’m very jealous!

    Have an amazing time and please keep us updated via the blog.

  2. FreeMan says:

    هيك بدك تخلينا نغار منك، على كل حال تروحي وترجعي بالسلامة رزانو..خلينا على تواصل مع آخر الأخبار

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