Homosexuality on LBC this Wednesday on A7mar Bil Khatt el 3areed

A friend sent me this, I will try to call the bastards:

I have my reservations on the list presented in this email, but I am busy with my thesis lately, will write on how one should deal with homophobia and discrimination and post-racism soon. Please try to participate and help our just cause.

This is a call to an urgent action by all of us.

Tomorrow Wednesday, January 27 at 9.30 pm (Beirut time), LBC is going to tackle the subject of homosexuality on their show A7mar bel khatt el 3arid.

It is very important for us to watch this show to write about it, blog about it, and comment about it. It is also very important to CALL IN to express support for LGBTQ in Lebanon and to correct whatever wrong things people will be saying on the show.

So please make sure you watch the show tomorrow at 9.30 pm and call the numbers that appear on the screen. Call from Lebanon, the Arab world, and internationally.

When you call, here are some points you should raise:

1. Doctors, psychologists, sociologists, philosophers, and experts all agree the homosexuality is normal. Therefore, it shouldn’t be treated as a topic of “a7mar bil khatt il 3areed”
2. Lebanese media should deal with this topic supportively, not just put homosexuals or transsexuals on display.
3. There are hundreds of thousands of LGBTQ in Lebanon and they are tax-paying citizens. They deserve full rights as anyone else.
4. Last Thursday, two gay men were beaten up brutally by security agents were dressed in civilian clothing on Sassine Square. This inhumanity towards homosexuals is not accepted.

Be careful that your numbers might appear on the caller ID, so you don’t have to state your are gay if you don’t want to. Be brave and call on everyone in Lebanese society to accept homosexuality.

3 thoughts on “Homosexuality on LBC this Wednesday on A7mar Bil Khatt el 3areed

  1. nightS says:

    It was a very bad show…the doctor somehow tried to explain..but didn’t work…

    It was very silly…the guests they brought didn’t help either! I don’t know about you but I think it was a total failure!! and it sure won’t help the LGBTQ community at all.

  2. Liliane says:

    I saw the show yesterday. I wasn’t happy with the way they delt with it. The presenter, whatever his name is, could’ve done things better, he told an arab veiled lady to stop giving excuses for having a sexual relationship with another woman (as she is married now to a man she loved, she claimed it was a phase because in a closed arab country, the only man she knew was her dad, and the other woman she had a relationship with was the only way for her to discover her body)… he labelled her answer as an excuse, of course it’s not an excuse, it’s an explanation etc.. etc.. She was raising a good point here.

    I didn’t watch the whole thing… but I hate the arabic word that was used by some callers for Homosexuals, they said “shazza”… bleh

    What about criminals? and pedophiles and murderes? holeh yalli shezzin!

  3. ines says:

    I red about what happened in the show….which was totally subjuctive and based on a ‘homophobic’ point of vue….and obviously the ‘gay’ guests weren’t actually quite the right choice considering their personal problems which are not related to sexual orientations.
    I believe that I’m one of many many other gays in the arab world who still in the closet and think that the only way to live their life freely and be totally opened about who they are is to move and live in the west…. it’s sad but it’s a FACT!

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