Kateb Yacine on Francophony


Kateb Yacine wrote in 1966 that:

“Francophony is a neocolonial political machine, which only perpetuates our alienation, but the usage of French language does not mean that one is an agent of a foreign power, and I write in French to tell the French that I am not French”.

I have to disagree with him on the usage of foreign language though, I’d say instead: “the usage of French/English language doesn’t necessarily mean that one is an agent of foreign power, but might be a product of one. Still I think his reference to language here to affirm his locality is amazing.

2 thoughts on “Kateb Yacine on Francophony

  1. Nada says:

    AFAI understand that’s a pretty common sentiment among North Africans, or at least I have heard it a bunch of other times from various people-I think Jamila Bouhired said something to that effect when she was in Leb. The reasons why they are using French are obvious, but I can’t fault people for working with (against) the hand that they were dealt.

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