Shame on Homophobic Al Quds Al Arabi

Taken from Improvisations: Arab Woman Progressive

Shame on Homophobic Arab Media

Al Quds Al Arabi insists on calling gays being murdered in Iraq “sexual deviants.” It has that in the title and throughout the news report about how they are being hunted down and killed. By refusing to use the neutral word “Methli,” which is what Arab gays like to be called, and by insisting on the expression that denigrates homosexuality and cast it as a disease and a sin, Al Quds al Arabi, under the guise of neutral reporting, are cheering on the killers.


10 thoughts on “Shame on Homophobic Al Quds Al Arabi

  1. Anarchist Queer says:

    Sure, Al-Akbar is one of the leading Lebanese newspapers to use the word “mithli” and Assafir as well.

    check this linkhere which the author of the reports have posted a comment on my blog just yesterday.

  2. syriangavroche says:

    سبق و حكيتلك انو حطيتلون تعليق ع خبر كان يحكي عن مثليي المغرب و يحكي عنهم بقرف و اشمئزاز, و حكيتلون انو هاد مانو مقال رأي انما خبر لازم يكون مهني و بالتالي يستخدم الاسم العلمي و هو “المثلية” .. و راحو حذفولي التعليق بعد ساعتين و بعد ما أكلنا كم مسبة من العديد من المعلقين من جماعة “الله يعين” … و من بعد هداك الوقت قليل كتير لدخلت موقعهون بعد ما كنت كتير بحترمهون..

    • Anarchist Queer says:

      أي, يعبشوم, أنا بحب هالموقع وبحترم عبد الباري عطوان, بس الحقيقة إنو بينما الشعوب العربية بتقاتل لحقوق الشعب الفلسطيني هنن نفسن بكونو قامعين لناس عرب تانيين

  3. pazuzu says:

    هيي الفكرة إنو في كتير وسائل إعلام بتستعمل تعبير مثلي بدل شاذ. السؤال بيبقى هل بدن يحكوا بموضوعية ولا لأ.
    هلق صار في ناس بيستعملوا تعبير شاذ بس نكاية وهون المشكلة. إنو حتى تلفزيون الجرس استعمل تعبير مثلي ما بفتكر هلقد صعبي على حدن

  4. Naji says:

    “Methli” really sounds silly… I’d drop it if I were you… take up “Shazz” and wear it with pride… what’s wrong with it… is is as close to “queer” as you can get in the Arabic language… rob them of it, like English speaking queers did… “queer” used to be the ultimate insult, and now the only ones that use it are queers…!

    Lighten up and focus on the basic issue of equal rights for all, no matter how queer, sick, un-natural, or different they are…

    • Anarchist Queer says:

      I see your point. But I don’t believe there is something called “normal” in the first place for something else to be “abnormal”. That’s how I simply see it. Having said that, there is nothing shameful about being abnormal, but I am not a big fan of the concept of pride either.

      as for queer you’re right, but i think it had multiple insulting meanings, whereas “shaz” is exclusively used to “insult” same-sex people to exclude them from societies.

      To be honest my concerns are not solely have to do with rights. I think same-sex people’s image and acceptance in societies are more important than rights.

      Laws insert fear than authentic change in societies.

      In fact, societies legally recognize same-sex people’s rights when they change.

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