LCC: Nowruz to Become a National Holiday in Syria

Statement released by the Local Coordination Committee today in celebration of the international day of Nowruz tomorrow, 21st of March:

Syrian Kurds celebrating Nowruz in Syria

Syrian Kurds celebrating Nowruz in Syria

 On March 21, during the Kurdish festival of freedom and toppling the dictatorship, the Local Coordination Committees in Syria (LCC) congratulates Syrians in general and the Kurds in particular on Nowruz (“new day”). This day of Nowruz symbolizes the end of oppression as our people fight for freedom, peace, and love, even as they write human history with their blood in seeking to purge the nation of injustice and repression.

We eagerly anticipate Nowruz Day this year because of its importance and great value to the Kurdish people – not only because it is a national day, but also because it represents the struggle of humanity and equality. Every year in March, the Kurdish people face the spiteful authority of the Baath Party, which has always used conspiracy, jingoism, and racism to undermine the rich diversity of our national fabric.

The regime attacks the legitimacy of Kurdish history, and limits Kurds’ eligibility for equal, democratic, national rights. These are rights that must be in line with the co‐existence of all components of Syrian society, and in accordance with the values of justice and equality, so that our national cultural mosaic may continue to contribute to our rich civilization.

We also pay special tribute to the great sacrifices of the Kurdish people and the invaluable contributions of their dear sons and daughters in protecting and defending this nation, and in maintaining its independence. We bow with respect and honor in memory of the Kurdish martyrs who gave their lives to secure their rightful and legal citizenship rights in Syria.

In particular, we salute the martyrs of the March 12, 2004 Uprising, who confronted the regime with bare chests, just as their brothers and sisters are doing today in the Syrian Revolution against the Mafia regime’s machine of repression and murder . The Kurdish people are legendary in their epic civil resistance and civil disobedience movement.

The entire Syrian nation has looked up to them in admiration, and it is a historic moment for the Syrian people to rise together against the oppression and injustice that have long plagued the Kurdish people as a result of the regime’s policy of continually denying them their national rights and questioning the legitimacy of their role in Syria .

We in the LCC emphasize the importance of transitioning to a civilian, democratic, pluralistic, and participatory Syria that upholds justice and equal opportunity; that protects citizens’ freedom and dignity; and that allows all Syrians to participate in shaping the present and the future of their country in an atmosphere of brotherhood and love.

In these great days, we stress the importance of bringing justice to the Kurdish issue, the legitimacy of the Kurdish people’s demands, and the importance of fulfilling those demands so that we might strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and coexistence . We salute our Kurdish and Syrian people as we celebrate Nowruz, the festival of love and peace.

Local Cordination Coomittees