UPDATED: Blogging Live From Midan Neighborhood in Damascus

A little background on Midan neighborhood: Midan neighborhood is one of the first neighborhoods that rebelled in the Syrian capital, it witnessed huge demonstrations calling for the downfall of Assad.  It’s a conservative area.

In the beginning of the revolution protesters used to head to Midan to take part in protesters.  The neighborhood is in the center of Damascus.


I arrived Midan with a friend at 12:30 PM today 18-7-2012, there was a shooting very close to us but we managed to arrive safely. I cannot share my location with you in Midan, nor can I say who’s with me here. We are safe so far.

Clashes started early in the morning and it’s still on, we sometimes hear explosions every now and then, the residents of area here are telling us there are BMB tanks shelling the center of the area.

Remains of BMB tank shell in Midan neighborhood.

There are several checkpoints in the area, but the area we’re in right now is relatively safe thus far, there are four people martyred today in Midan alone; 3 from Free Syrian Army and the fourth is a civilian- an old man we couldn’t find his ID with him, we’re in the process of getting his name.

Update: 3:02 PM: clashes now in Haa’la area in Midan.

Update: 3:15 PM: according to leaked information coming from a soldier in the regime sympathetic with the revolution, the regime is planning to fire (sorry I am not familiar with the right to use here) toxic gases against the residents in Midan neighborhood that resulted in shortness of breath and heartburn in the respiratory tract. Medical masks are distributed among the residents and activists here. (update 11:58: no toxic gas were used against the residents here. The problem is that the area is under siege and the people are scared and on alert, it’s easy for them to believe any rumor, and you believe it with them because you literally could die any moment by mortar shelling. It creates an extreme stress and you become emotional than objective with your context. Apologies for publishing news hastily, I shall be careful more tomorrow.)

The activists here are in high spirit, it’s hectic over here but we smoke and drink tea (I am drinking tea now) and we joke all the time.

Update from 3:30 PM till 8:00 PM: Regime tried to raid the neighborhood in this way: the army withdrew, but the tanks remained around the area in attempt to siege it and was shelling on the area, then the snipers gathered heavily in the area, along with aircrafts hovering around the area to locate the activists, doctors and free Syrian army.

It’s important to say here that the field hospital was located by the regime and tried to mortar shelling it but couldn’t hit it, the doctors moved to safe place now.

Update 11:17 PM clashes continues near regime checkpoints. Two people were injured, their injuries are not critical, they were hit by snipers. I learned that there is a safe refuge for women in this neighborhood, and the men here are telling me to head there before it gets too late. I am having dinner now with citizen journalists and photojournalists, we’re eating tomato and mortadella. Come join us.

18 thoughts on “UPDATED: Blogging Live From Midan Neighborhood in Damascus

  1. Muhammad says:

    As an “opposition activist”, what’s your attitude towards Israel, Jews and Zionists, and the Palestinian “cause”? Would “the opposition” bring an increased probability of peace and economic co-operation with Israel or do you see yourselves as eternal enemies?

    • Dehlinger says:

      Are you kidding ? They are fighting for freedom, may die and you come with the Isrealian – Palestinian problem ! What a pity…

      • jc burns says:

        Dying for freedom? Which pill are you swallowing? Have you not asked yourself why we aren’t seeing the other side of this picture? Why don’t we hear what ordinary Syrians think of this? This is all a setup, Libya,Tunisia,Egypt etc, all a lie! Have you read anything other than “activist” reports from inside Syria?

        The west does not get involved in affairs because of human rights! They get involved because of profit and expansion!

      • terence clark says:

        jc burns, I agree we don’t hear much from the residents, but since the west has no journalists in Syria and the regime has nothing to say to us, what options do we have? As to Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya, they haven’t been exactly opening their arms to the US so if we had anything to do with it, it didn’t work out that well. But Russia ships helicopters while Iran and Saudi Arabia are training and arming both sides and they are just concerned neighbors. Is that what I’m to understand?

        That said, I’d rather stay out of all of it, personally. I don’t want anyone’s oil (I’d rather we not even use our own). I don’t want to install any leaders, because when we’ve done that it hasn’t exactly gone well and I’d really rather you handle your own affairs. And while I can’t speak for the rest of my country, I have no interest in either side of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict except when there are civilians getting killed. And yes, I do think Israel has unjustly killed and displaced quite a few Palestinians. I have no interest in any course that involves loss of innocent life. Certainly not by my hands or in the name of my country.

  2. Muhammad says:

    Do you believe the Alawite accent can be imitated by a criminal to induce anti-regime resentment in the mind of the victim?

  3. Elisabeth says:

    She’s in the middle of a freaking war. Can we please hold off on the questions about regional implications and alliances. Razan, thank you for your posts and courage. Stay safe.

  4. Joe says:

    As Syrian opposition, we are against Israel. We are fighting our internal battle now as a path to the liberation of Palestine. But we need to be strong to free our people. Revolution and Resistance are one. If only Assad will go so you see what the Syrian people are capable of in the path of true liberation. Now let us return to the battle ahead. Towards a free Syria!

    • Muhammad had sex with 9yo girl... eeew that's disgusting! says:

      Since you are against Israel, I hope you never get freedom.
      Yours truly, a Syrian Muslim apostate.

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