Declaration of a Shared Fate

There are two areas in Syria in which people are actually dying from starving. People are dying because there is nothing on the shelves of their kitchen. The kids keep telling their parents: I am hungry, mom!
This is the “resistance” Arabs Left are fighting for: starving Palestinians to death!
Sign and share widely.

Beyond Compromise - الثَّوابِت

We, the undersigned, in accordance with our belief in the shared fate of the Syrian and Palestinian people, and our wish for the unity of Syrian territory and safety for all Syrians, draw the attention of the international community, on the occasion of Geneva II, to the fact that the Palestinians who have lived in Syria since 1948 share the same fate as their Syrian brothers and sisters.

Since the beginning of the Syrian uprising, Palestinians and Syrians have both suffered the abuses of the Syrian security services, supported by some of the Palestinian militias (the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command).  

Moreover, Yarmouk Camp, the biggest Palestinian community in Syria, has been subject to the most repressive measures at the hands of the Syrian regime. The camp has been under partial siege for one year, and total siege for the past six months, leading…

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