fed up with consumerism

so whenever i check the “blog states” section in my blog dashboard, i scroll down to “search views” to see what people type in search engines before they find my blog, and these are the results for today and yesterday:

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me hoping that “razan sex” is a reference to Razan Moghrabi, not me.

i dont understand, if taboos on sex would only make people as pathetic, why have them in the first place?

sex becomes the consumerisation of beings.

seriously, when we talk about sex, aren’t we taking about womyn? and when we’re talking about sex, aren’t we talking about products? so womyn are products for sex?

traditional marriages -favored by societies-treat womyn as barbies whether they’re veiled or not.

polygamy is practiced by men to get laid than to support “disadvantaged womyn.”

sex is becoming postmodern-people’s obsession, with or without religion, hijab is about sex, fashion is about sex, songs and soup series are about sex, and this is not a Freudian whatever i am talking about, it’s consumerism, it’s the authorial system that is capitalist, that treats beings as products, men “have stronger desires” and really need to get laid, womyn’s bodies to be sold (legally or illegally) and animals to be slaughtered, this is not feminism or self-victimization crap. this is me feding up with systems.

this reminds me of the apologetic argument for sexist harassment: “well men harass womyn cause they can’t talk to them in daily life, that’s why they use these ways (as in touch her body and talk dirty to her) to get closer to them”. ah walla? so men put sexist walls on womyn’s lives and movement, to be “men”, then go harass womyn when they apply these manly rules?
he wants her “polite” and “honorable” in order to be a “womun” first so that he can marry her “clean”, virgin, and when she is, and the poor thing doesnt have money to marry her, he harasses her cause “politeness” and “honor” apparently means he can’t talk to her normally. what mostly bothers me about this is when people argue for this shit.

why can’t womyn dress normally?

i mean some people would follow whatever system and whatever rules, to make their lives difficult, and the society’s as well for the sake of “our history and traditions” and “our religion” whatever these might be.

oh, and they say that the “west” is corrupted. now the latest word on the street is that, no, this is not “us”, this is what the “west” made of “us.” we’re perfectly fine that is.

seriously, life is too stupid to be lived.