fed up with consumerism

so whenever i check the “blog states” section in my blog dashboard, i scroll down to “search views” to see what people type in search engines before they find my blog, and these are the results for today and yesterday:

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me hoping that “razan sex” is a reference to Razan Moghrabi, not me.

i dont understand, if taboos on sex would only make people as pathetic, why have them in the first place?

sex becomes the consumerisation of beings.

seriously, when we talk about sex, aren’t we taking about womyn? and when we’re talking about sex, aren’t we talking about products? so womyn are products for sex?

traditional marriages -favored by societies-treat womyn as barbies whether they’re veiled or not.

polygamy is practiced by men to get laid than to support “disadvantaged womyn.”

sex is becoming postmodern-people’s obsession, with or without religion, hijab is about sex, fashion is about sex, songs and soup series are about sex, and this is not a Freudian whatever i am talking about, it’s consumerism, it’s the authorial system that is capitalist, that treats beings as products, men “have stronger desires” and really need to get laid, womyn’s bodies to be sold (legally or illegally) and animals to be slaughtered, this is not feminism or self-victimization crap. this is me feding up with systems.

this reminds me of the apologetic argument for sexist harassment: “well men harass womyn cause they can’t talk to them in daily life, that’s why they use these ways (as in touch her body and talk dirty to her) to get closer to them”. ah walla? so men put sexist walls on womyn’s lives and movement, to be “men”, then go harass womyn when they apply these manly rules?
he wants her “polite” and “honorable” in order to be a “womun” first so that he can marry her “clean”, virgin, and when she is, and the poor thing doesnt have money to marry her, he harasses her cause “politeness” and “honor” apparently means he can’t talk to her normally. what mostly bothers me about this is when people argue for this shit.

why can’t womyn dress normally?

i mean some people would follow whatever system and whatever rules, to make their lives difficult, and the society’s as well for the sake of “our history and traditions” and “our religion” whatever these might be.

oh, and they say that the “west” is corrupted. now the latest word on the street is that, no, this is not “us”, this is what the “west” made of “us.” we’re perfectly fine that is.

seriously, life is too stupid to be lived.

6 thoughts on “fed up with consumerism

  1. exapt says:

    You are a wonderful lady who has a lot to offer, but you have a problem of understanding the whole system which built on the existence of a lot of things you do not like. And, if you want to change that, it will take your effort on long term and get people to believe in your message. This requires you build attractive blog and have even some sex peal like the picture you posted. Sex is a natural thing and if someone does not exactly believe in your views and look for sex, he is not wrong, may be you are wrong. The other Razan, is doing great job, if only one things seep through her messages of beauty that girls are smart in addition to be beautiful, she would have done the women in her society the greatest favor which most of politicians women could not get through.
    On the other hand, this mixing of politics, especially your politics with sex on your blog, was not successful, I think.
    Consumerism is there and no one thing is going to change soon, and if anything wrong with the way presented, it needs some one to bring different attractive way.
    Ralf Nader, he still there and lead the anit-consumerism in the USA, but his success is limited and he himself, had to use some sex appeal sometime to make his message penetrate wider audience.
    So, Hijab is about sex, I do agree, and girls feel that they have to dress this way to attract some populace in the market, so the politicians need to think the same way, don’t you agree?
    Selling sex is good vehicle for change; actually it should be part of the change. For example the Saudis society need to be introduced to the kiss as part of the sex to elevate them to the level of the animal kingdom in kinder and emotional understanding of love and female so he they can starts to think of women as equal human being with emotion and brain equal to theirs.
    So, life is not too stupid to be lived, it is too stupid not to understand how to live. Sorry, did not mean any personal isult, but this how I’m displaying my disagreement and my frustration from your presentations.

  2. Jillian C. York says:


    First of all, I’m glad you consider us “dressed normally” :)

    Men (most men? Men in most societies? I don’t want to generalize) want to have their cake and eat it too. By locking up the good women (and if you think this doesn’t happen in the so-called west, you’re sorely mistaken) and turning others into bad women, they get to perpetuate this dichotomy (and their fantasies).

    In other words, I absolutely agree with you.

    As for the search terms – my old blog (the Morocco one) had “sex Morocco” “sex tourism Morocco” “gay sex Morocco” and “sex hijab” as top search terms. Ugh.

  3. الصقلي says:

    I just lost my innocence reading this article LOL!!! Just joking. It is very good and I understand your anger. I agree that one of the pillars of the system is Sex – from a consumerist point of view. In America they try to solve the problem by making women consumers and men objects of consumption. I think this is definitely not the solution. Whatever happened to dignity? Respect? Having real goals in life? I admit sex is very important for both men and women but it shouldn´t be consumed like fast food. It is something that should be enjoyed in a spiritual framework. I believe marriage is the proper framework and that´s my opinion. Others may have a different opinion: it can be enjoyed with someone loved outside the institution of marriage. To each his or her own. What I think many civilized people agree on is that it cannot be transformed into something that satisfies a part of us like hamburgers hunger or like coke thirst…

  4. Sarah says:

    mmm….this is a trend my blog has missed out on…the top search is invariably something like “x-rays tuberculosis pictures”.

  5. Bech says:

    good points about consumerism although, consumption always existed, it is just that in the age of captialism sexuality is conceived differently, because man and women are represented differently. But it has always been about ‘sex’, whatever ‘sex’ means.

    And also, why do you jump to conclude that women are thus the victims. Men undergo the same treatment.

  6. mo says:

    hey, i’ve just finished writting something on sex too, but different issue.

    Well, it’s the capitalist society, every thing is a commodity, even freedom [hey, gauloise cigarettes slogan is Liberté Toujours!]. So, nothing has a moral value here , it’s up to the market, and SEX SELLS

    As on the other side, traditions and visual rapping of womYn, it’s a natural result for the mystification of the body of a femme [if you mind using female]. Even, there is a crisis at the early childhood, in how young kids are supposed to behave with their bodies, whether they are boys or girls.

    What i’m trying to say is that those two extremes are just a result of how the systems [whether capitalist or reactionist/traditionalist/religous] defines people, their bodies and their sexuality. This should have no impact on your life, make your rules and live your life according to them.

    […]seriously, life is too stupid to be lived.[…]
    “We are doomed by hope, and what takes place today cannot be the end of history.” –Sadallah Wannous

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