The Making of Heroes and Enemies

Palestine (nation) is constructed by its defender.

Some believe Palestine will be back only if we destroyed Israel, how original.

some believe that the one-state solution is the only solution that would guarantee Palestinians’ rights, oh that’s me by the way.

some dont approve of the right of return, and they happen to be non-palestinians who have a say on that matter only because they’re “pro-palestinian” or “academics”.

and some are pro-palestinian and anti-hezbolla. please madam, define hezbolla?

and who are these people? they are the lebanese diaspora. diaspora doesnt mean that you should be living in another continent, you can be living 300 meters away and be foreign to a one single moral adopted by Hezbolla which speaks a lot about the ethics of Hezbolla as a community: a promise is a promise.

here in Achrafiyeh, in Hamra, and other “liberal” and “open minded” areas in Beirut and in lebanon where they’re proud of their French and English, but not of their Arabic, five Lebanese who fought for self-determination were considered criminals. they are considered criminals in a segregated society in lebanon, and in a segregated world. what do i mean by segregation?

in a sexually segregated society, a male becomes exotic to a female, and vice versa. but thanks to a world where sex is sexualized, they will always try to reach each other, via healthy means? nop, not at all.

unlike in syria, beirut’s society is not sexually segregated, it is rather ideologically segregated, and i did not use the word “sectarian” alongside “segregated” ’cause i think sectarianism is an outcome and not a cause to the lebanese problem. and it is an outcome in the sense that it is constructed by politicians and Europeans to be used to control the masses.

back to segregation, in an ideologically segregated society a group will only meet, live, process itself apart from the potentiality of being exposed to a total foreign thought and a foreign idea, and that’s how racism, sectarianism emerge in a materialistic, economically controlled world.

living for 3 years and a half in achrafieh, i meet amazing people everyday, who despise hezbolla and the people of hezbolla just like some people in other continents in the world who never been to the south, do.

it’s all about our spacial context.

its easy for southern lebanese to hate achrafieh people, and it is easy for the latter to hate the former, but for me, i cannot hate anyone who i’ve shared good memories with.

because i am living on my own, meeting everyone, i had the chance to process a lot of systems i was brought up with.

i am no longer syrian, i no longer believe in these nations, nor in any belief systems, including atheism, not in bombastic slogans Arabists go on baffle me with, seriously, humans are pathetic creatures struggling to belong to an idea they constructed it themselves. to a system they want to be forever comfortable with.

justice is not an idea, it is a meaning.

hezbolla is an idea, Kuntar is an idea, neither are heroes, nor evils.

so far i can’t see no justice in the air.

2 thoughts on “The Making of Heroes and Enemies

  1. Wired Warrior says:

    Kuntar is an idea?
    No Kuntar is an animal, a coward, like the rest of his ilk… Hezbollah is well funded, well armed and well trained. They showed that they could fight like men on the frontier, AWAY from the civilian population BUT THEN they started using the cowardly tactics of Hamas & the PA. They invaded Israel (even though Israel left all of Lebanon in 2000!) and then when Israel retaliated, these cowardly dogs retreated to civilian populations. They took off their army clothes and changed to civilian clothes so Israel could not differentiate.

    THIS IS WHY SO MANY CIVILIANS DIED! What kind of man, what kind of soldier, what kind of leader, what kind of human being hides behind the dresses of women and toys of children?

    And where is the Lebanese national pride? Where is your outrage. You allow this vermin to use your country as a base of operations?

    What of your soveignty? First you had Syrian Occupation, then you had Iranian Occupation through Hezbollah. Is it not time to say enough is enough?

    I remember Lebanon in the 70s, beautiful people, rich culture, men and women walking hand in hand, amazing beaches… And then they let in the PLO after King Hussein killed more Palestinians IN ONE MONTH of “peace” THAN ISRAEL HAS IN 60 years of WAR (funny how the Arab world forgave him, in one month he kills more Arabs than Israel has in 60 years! WHERE IS YOUR OUTRAGE?! So it’s ok to kill women and children, so long as its not by the hook-nosed JEEEEWWWWS?). And after the PLO came to Lebanon it went to SH!T. The PLO immediately began killing the Maronites, a beautiful people with rich history. A people who took in the Palestinians when their Muslim brothers TURNED THEIR BACK ON THEM!

    It was the Christian Lebanese who allowed them passage, the Lebanese who clothed and fed them! And what was their reward? The PLO and Islamist factions funded and trained by Iran began a campaign to Islam-ize Lebanon. Of course, the Maronite would have known this had they not been so naive. It is a Muslims duty to turn Dar-Al-Harab to Dar-Al-Islam. And this is what they did.

    I see Lebanon as a skeleton of what it was and crumb of what it could be.

    Hezbollah is a scurge, a cowardly force of pathetic children who have brough NOTHING BUT DESTRUCTION.

    So dance in the Streets for Samir Kuntar, dance in the Streets for Nasrallah but do ask yourself: what the hell are we celebrating anyway?

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