To Americans: Re-evaluate Aid to Israel, Vote NOW!

Reevaluate whether the level of and the basis for the aid we provide Israel is appropriate given our tough economic circumstance. Presently I fail to see the benefits to our country that would justify the extraordinarily high per-capita level of aid.

A comment posted by Willbearsmom:

I weep that my tax dollars are being spent to support the state-sanctioned murder of children.  Israel has literally penned these people in a giant prison from which there is no escape and is bombing them.  Half the population of Gaza is children.  The result of this invasion is both monstrous and inevitable.  We can no longer pretend to be on the side of right when we blindly support a nation who has used a legitimate security threat as an excuse to force a group of people into an Apartheid situation and then treating them like the objects of a grotesque canned hunt.  There can be no excuse for bombing mosques and schools.  If you saw a gunman firing at you from near a school, would you destroy it with a rocket, knowing you would kill dozens of children?  What kind of monsters make the choice to bomb the school?

This is what happens when the United States commits atrocities and loses the right of moral leadership.  We all need to stand up and admit that our government has been wrong, that this incursion by Israel is wrong, that this must be stopped.

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