Soldiers Beat Up Gay Men at Sassine Square, Achrafieh, Beirut

You wouldn’t find this on local “free” and “open” Lebanese channels, stations and newspapers. If you’re better than the worst, doesnt make you good really.

It is worth to note that being a homosexual is against the law in all Ayrab countries. Lebanese gay and lesbian communities are very active communities in Beirut, and essential ones.

Some of the Lebanese homoexuals were hyper members of Nahr el Bared relief campaign, opposing the terrorist Lebanese Army bombing a civic establishment of Nahr el Bared.

Some of them were as well the co-founders of Samedoun movement defying “Israeli” terrorist war on Lebanon.

These two men were not beaten up and arrested because they were having a sexual intercourse in public, they were beaten and criminalized because of their very nature, because of their very identity: they were homosexuals.

This law of criminalizing homosexuals as such should be abolished. Homosexuals ARE human beings and anyone who treat them less is the one who should be criminalized.

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Barbaric homophobia, Sassine Square
Anne-Marie el-Hage entry

The Lebanese gay community is angry, so are the human rights associations. They are outraged by the medieval practices of authorities when dealing with homosexuals who openly came out of the closet.

The incident, reported by Alef, association for human rights, took place last Thursday evening, when two gay men, reckless and unconscious, were making love in the lobby of an uninhabited building in Sassine Sqaure, Achrafieh, assuming they were safe.

Discovering the two men in action, the Lebanese army soldiers stationed in the district to submit a real public beating. Nothing was strong enough, punching, kicking, rifle butts, insults, humiliation. One of them, half naked, was exhibited to the public of bystanders, just for the fun of it.

Deaf to the pleas of the two men that were caught red handed, the soldiers were doing it with great joy. The whole neighborhood was in the street, attracted by the scene. Any customer of any coffee of the corner nearby. Both men were bloodied, but this did not diminish the determination or the savagery of the soldiers, those newly delegated to preserve public morality.

Fortunately, voices of condemnation among the crowd, taking pity at the sight, put an end to the beating. Both homosexuals were arrested, in spite of the supplications of one of the men fearing for his reputation, married man with family, with a certain reputation.

Held all night by troops, the men were transferred yesterday to the barracks of Hobeiche, by the order of Attorney General. A place known not to be particularly kind to prisoners.

Certainly, the case will be camouflaged. A beautiful Lebanese custom to avoid putting the finger on the wound. The wound in question is the barbaric and unacceptable reaction of the soldiers facing the display of homosexuality.

The men had sinful, of recklessness and even inattention. But is that a valid excuse to beat them and treat them like this? Was it necessary to bring down the whole neighborhood and humiliate them? Is it right to point them out as gangsters?

It is time for lawmakers to reconsider these laws, which are obsolete, ridiculous and from a totally different era, a law which still condemns homosexuality in Lebanon. At a time when gay marriage is permitted in many countries, the authorities continue to hypocritically deny the simplest expression of a reality that they do not understand. But they will have to face it sooner or later.

9 thoughts on “Soldiers Beat Up Gay Men at Sassine Square, Achrafieh, Beirut

  1. Liliane says:

    Very very sad story. I do not agree at all with WHERE they were doing what they were doing, but I can imagine how their lives are completely ruined now.

    These soldiers are the ones who have to be in Jail. How does any solider have the right to beat anyone? They’re supposed to arrest, and defend themselves at best, but not do what they did.

    I didn’t know this happened last week, thanks for the article. …

  2. Sean says:

    This is ridiculous, pure and simple. If it wasn’t for that Lebanon is at war lately a lot, I’d say they should just get rid of the soldiers and replace them with police that the citizens have control over.

  3. marc says:

    it’s a sad story to hear that people are beying beatng just because they are gay…. hope this law will be denied.
    i mean we are in the 21 century.. please grow up why can’t Lebanon be an open minded cuntry.

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