Hamas is Family

You know, Hamas might not like me, HezbAlla might not like me either, and maybe some Palestinians might not like me too, hell, some leftits, Anarchists and LFTBQs dont like me at all for supporting “islamic” groups, but who says that I should be liked by the people I support? I support resistance, period. I support people’s right to self-determination, period. If Arab leaders and Arab armies have done their duty and lauched a war on the Zionist state we wouldnt have seen alternative armies like those of Hamas and Hezbolla in the first place. If we have seen the Arab countries supporting Hamas and Hezbolla we wouldnt have seen Iran doing it. I am not threatened by Islam, Muslims, or Islamic militarilty groups, I am threatened by Zionism, by occupation and by apartheid. If you can’t get that, I don’t think you cant get anything about our region.

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  1. Bahaa says:

    walek you should run for the world’s presidential elections :p How about we print out Tshirts just like the ones in the logo up there?!

  2. sunbula says:

    obviously. one can support a group as resistance to foreign occupation without endorsing its political program or social vision. this is what western liberals and radicals alike fail to grasp. we do not “endorse” hamas of hzbl nor do we ask them to accept and “include” us, we support whoever resists and inflicts losses upon the zionist enemy (with room to offer a productive and honest critique of their strategies). but should they come to power and start oppressing their own people (a la algeria) we will be the first to join the resistance against them.

  3. Methliya Falastiniya says:

    “but who says that I should be liked by the people I support?”

    That’s totally true!! Thats what I exactly said to an American lesbian friend who made a comment about an orgaization named “queers for Palestine”. I am a Palestinian, I live in Palestine and my rights as a woman and a lesbian is totally denied by the society where I live. But that never mean that I won’t love my people and support themm although I know 99% of them will probably hate me. I don’t care. I do what I believe in, and I totally respect what u r doing and what u r standing for.

    “I am not threatened by Islam, Muslims, or Islamic militarilty groups, I am threatened by Zionism, by occupation and by apartheid.”

    I’m definitey threatened by occupation and aparthied, and I resist it in every possible way. I’m definitely not threatened by Islam or muslims! heck I was born muslim myself! But it would be a lie on my side if i say that I’m not threatened by fundamentalism and religious extremism.

    • Anarchist Queer says:

      Your comment is priceless, Dear mithliyah, you have no idea.
      I hope we get to meet sometimes, dont know how, but just hoping. It takes a lot of courage to feel what you’re feeling, this is sort of balance is just extraordinary once you’re under occupation. I salute you.

  4. Nablus city says:

    Hi Razan. I am a religious Muslim Palestinian, currently in Sweden. For religious reasons i can not support gay marriage or say there is nothing wrong with same sex relationships because it goes against the words of God however i would never hate someone who is homosexual only because this person is homosexual. I would give my life to save the life of someone in danger without thinking “hey this person is homo, let him/her die”. No way. So i just wanted to say that it is not all black and white. If someone is religious then it doesn’t mean he/she automaticly hates gays. In my case, it is the exact opposite, it is because i am religious that i don’t hate gays even though they are sinning because if i were to hate gays for that then i also have to hate all other people who sin (basicly everyone).

    Obviously we can not change the condemning words of God regarding homosexuality but God doesnt tell us to harass, beat or be cruel to people and unfortunatly that is what many arabs think they should do/be when it comes to dealing with gays.

    Anyway, it is a complicated subject, but I want to say that i would never have treated you disrespectfully only for being gay and i don’t dislike you either.

    Islam is the most important thing in my life, had i been that typical arab who’s is more cultural than religious than i might have felt diffirently because then i might have seen it from a more ignorant point of view.

    Salam and take care.

  5. Timmo says:

    Anarchist Queer,

    I share your opposition to the occupation of Palestine by the IDF. Palestine has been subjected to a harsh military occupation for years, and the moves being undertaken by Israel are steadily making it impossible for a viable Palestinian nation to emerge from the IDF occupation. As an American, I am especially concerned about Israeli policy here since the United States provides crucial military and political support without which the occupation would have to come to an end.

    At the same time, I strongly caution you from asserting “Hamas is family.” While they are resistors to an unjust military occupation, they intentionally attack unarmed civilians. Such terrorism cannot be approved by morally concerned individuals. Supporting Hamas, like supporting the Israeli occupation, is simply out of the question.

    To make an analogy, the oppression of Catholics in northern Ireland by the Protestants was morally abominable. IRA terror grew up as a desperate response to overwhelming military power. At the same time, one should not, on that account, say the “IRA is family.” For, no one who opposes violence against the innocent could support their methods.

    The crimes of Hamas are smaller than the crimes of Israel in scale, scope, and permanence. But, it is better not to be support either.

  6. Khalil says:

    what up,

    love the post! totally agree!

    i’m a Palestine solidarity activist in Seattle, and i’m involved with a BDS campaign that foregrounds the struggles of women and queer people of color. the liberals hate on us because we publicly defend Hamas and Hizbulla – for all their problems – as legitimate anti-colonial organizations, and the conservative Muslims hate on us because because we forefront the struggles of women and queer people of color.

    on the one hand, most of the Left is pretty racist. all they do is hate on national liberation movements, calling them narrow and bourgeois. they don’t see that a lot of everyday Arabs and Muslims, who are not trying to be the next set of rulers, are involved in those struggles because everyday we’re tired of the day-to-day oppression under occupation.

    the only struggle that’s important to most of the Left are the struggles of white, working class men. they don’t see that national liberation is class struggle. just because Muslims fight against their bosses and professional rulers, doesn’t mean they’re going to stop being Muslim. it means a new Islam is being created in the struggle.

    that’s why groups like Hamas and Hizbulla have such popular appeal. they’re being given a new way of seeing themselves: strong and being able to fight back.

    on the other hand, a lot of islamists have almost no conception of class struggle, and that’s why Iran is the way it is. the Iranian revolution was a beautiful moment for Muslims everywhere. a lot of regular, everyday Muslims fought hard against the Shah. they fought hard for a free society, but then another set of rulers came in and destroyed the popular committees that made the revolution free and beautiful; and all in the name of Islam!

    it’s always great for me to meet another Arab anarchist who defends are movements. it’s a tough battle ahead, but you give me hope.


    p.s. what activism did you get up to in Lubnaan?

    • Anarchist Queer says:

      Thank you Khalil for such an informative comment, and welcome to this blog :)

      I am not sure if you’ve heard of Nahr el Bared Relief Campaign, I was a member there when the Lebanese Army bombed the camp.
      Hope we get to meet when I go to the US.

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