10 Things to do before I Burn in Hell

jpg11-I want to be a reader.

2-I want to be a writer.

3-I want to make one documentary and couple short movies.

4-I want to spend my life drawing cartoons and animate them for Arab-speaking children.

5-I want to live in a farm in a village someday.

6-I want to stop using the internet and communicate with people by writing letters instead.

7-I want to go home with my bike.

8-I want to go to occupied Golan.

9-I can’t lose the child in me.

10-Private wish.

8 thoughts on “10 Things to do before I Burn in Hell

  1. SARAH says:

    Dear Razan

    You can wish and work to achieve all of this

    Your wishes are not difficult or impossible
    they are simple but ambitious .
    you want only a simple quiet life

    I wish you happiness

  2. ayham jazzan says:

    فعلا عجبتني فكرة تدوين أمور نود أن نفعلها في حياتنا
    بصراحة انا بشترك معكي بكزا فقرة مما كتبتي
    راح جيب ورقة وقلم وإكتب شوي حابب أعمل
    زورينا رزان على مدونتي
    بدك شي أوكي باي

  3. Manar says:

    I love your wishes, but LOVE you more.. hoping with your wonderful personality and good intentions and efforts, you will achieve them… never cease from hope and action:)

  4. Ahmad says:

    1. Finish writing my novel.

    2. Listen to Tom Waits live.

    3. Visit Samuel Beckett’s grave.

    4. Never have a son.

    5. Play the Trumpet.

    6. Live by the sea

    7. Your number 6

    8. Do a research about lotsa things concerning music.

    9. Cure for Asthma.

    10. Make sure that there is no Hell or Heaven.

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