Documentary on "Crimes of Honor" in Occupied Palestine-AR (EN Subtitles)

Today I have discovered a new bloggeress from Syria, her name is Hanadi and her blog seems promising. She posted a documentary on “crimes of honor” in occupied Palestine, and it tells the stories of four women accused of bringing shame to their families.

Check Hanadi’s blog here and watch the documentary here.

Below are the details of the documentary as appeared on Culture Unplugged website:

Maria’s Grotto : Director: Buthina Canaan Khoury | Genre: Documentary | Produced In: 2007

Synopsis: A gripping portrait of women, whose lives were dictated by a moral code, Maria’s Grotto is a painful true film about the issue of honor killings in Palestine. Khoury explores the issue through the stories of four women: one is wrongly accused of dishonoring her family and then murdered; the second dies after being forced by her brothers to swallow poison; the third survives repeated stabbings inflicted by her brother; and the fourth is a Hip-hop singer who dares speak out about honor killings, and faces death threats. Through these stories, Khoury exposes the magnitude of honor killings in Palestine.

3 thoughts on “Documentary on "Crimes of Honor" in Occupied Palestine-AR (EN Subtitles)

  1. sunbula says:

    she had a film before this called nisaa fil-siraa3/women in struggle, about 3 women who were imprisoned by the zionists for long periods. i really liked it…

  2. Wael Al-Alwani says:

    Thanks Razan for sharing this..

    It is really sad to see these people killing and playing the role of God whom they pretend to believe in.. I really cannot imagine that creepy motive which drives someone to kill his sister or daughter or even any female relative..

    Malformed-brain people!

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