19 thoughts on “Shit. I'm Officially 30. How Do I Feel About It?

  1. علوش says:

    I always thought you are a 20 years old girl, a girl with all of that energy and love to life should never get old!, you are 20 and you will always be, don’t let the life shut you down, keep going.

  2. Serage says:

    “Well, if I had my way
    We’d have a birthday every week
    And you’d choose to spend them all with me
    I’d come down to the bus stop,
    Say you can’t go to work
    You’d take my hand faithfully
    Then I’d gift wrap my heart
    And I’d write you a new song
    I’d try to right all your wrongs
    I would play with your hair
    And suggest what to wear
    And I’d paint a smile where it belongs
    But I know that you’re not broken
    And I know that you’re not bruised
    I know I’m easily forgotten
    So Happy Birthday You”
    – Jay Jay Pistolet

    :) happy birthday you !!

  3. ساهير says:

    أكيد فخورة إنك ب30وهلقد معلمي عند الناس كل دقيقة الفائدة إلنا أكبر عنجد أستاذة رزان إنتي قدوة لكل بنت عربية فلسطينية مع كامل حبي واحترامي لحضرتك ولمدونتك الرائعة وبعتذر إذا دايقتك

    • Razan says:

      أهلا وسهلا فيكي يا ساهير وشكرا على لطالفتك بس يعني ما بدا كل هالاحترام وحضرتك ومدونة رائعة وقصص لول

      وأكيد ما دايقتيني تشرفت بمعرفتك وأهلا وسهلا فيكي بصفحتي ياللي ما بحدثها الا كم مرة بالسنة :)

  4. ghassan says:

    happy belated birthday Razan! 30s seem like a fun place to be at as long as u keep hold of that mindset of the 20s!!

  5. Marianne says:

    كل سنة انت بخير or as a friend of mine always says: :) كل سنة انت انت

    You should feel as happy as you look!

    btw, I`m in Damascus now, contact me if you`re in the area and want to meet up!

  6. Jinxed says:

    omg , I found your website by accident , and glad that I did lol .
    you’re such an inspiration , I like you ;D

    btw , happy birthday , 30 ? that’s kinda old , but hey .. If I were a dyke and over 25 I’d totally hit on you , Just saying lol .

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